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The Dreaming Universe

For the Practitioners of the Dharma

The Truth About Maturity
At which point in our lives do we considered ourselves to have reached maturity? Of course, for each of us this point comes at different times. For...

The Prison of Belief

We hold in our minds a great many beliefs of what is right and wrong. Good and bad. How people should or shouldn't be. And we act on these beliefs throughout everyday of our lives, by punishing those

Unconditional Love
There is a kind of love that exists within the universe. It is a kind of love that is known to all, but is only realized to exist by a very few. Throughout history, it has been referred to by many names.

The Joy of Being

Life is a mysterious thing. Usually, that's as far as you get when you attempt to describe it. However, without the intervention of such thoughts, life isn't really a mysterious thing at all. Yet, it's the word 


Being a person or coming into ones own unique individuality is what personhood is all about. Collectively, humans regard this as a sacred and majestic lifelong ritual, which begins at a very young age. And as we set out on our journey of personhood, to be all that we can be, never once do we look back and question the idea of it all ~ am I a person? Are you a person?

The Truth About The Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil

God warned that if Adam ate from the Tree of The Knowledge of Good and Evil, then he would come to know the knowledge of good and evil - the message was just that simple. Adam would come to label the world around him as being either good or evil.

The Story of Mantrapiece
Introduction Hello, my name is Noah Nichols. I am the founder of Mantrapiece. Mantrapiece is one of my life's greatest passions, which I have devot...

Awakening to Your True Nature
Introduction My name is Noah Nichols. I am the founder of Mantrapiece. Mantrapiece was built on a realization that I had in the year 2017, which ha...