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Unconditional Love


There is a kind of love that exists within the universe. It is a kind of love that is known to all, but is only realized to exist by a very few. Throughout history, it has been referred to by many names. Names such as unconditional love, eternal love, reality, God, existence, life and so on. Though, to many it may seem as though such a love does not or could not exist. I can assure you that it does. In fact, this love is the only real love, which exists within, between and as everything and everyone.

It is that mysterious feeling of deep admiration that emerges from within you and flows throughout your entire body and mind, while you're gazing at a blossoming flower. It is the radiating love and compassion that overwhelms you, when you find yourself starring at a child whom you don't even know. In fact, you have always felt this love and compassion for this child, long before you had ever seen them or knew they existed. As if, this love has always been there somewhere within you. As if, it is the same love that you feel towards your own being, existence or life. As if, this love is all there is or at least, all that matters.

However, in the event that you do get to know this child, you may find that you don't like them. Something about their character turns you off. And without even realizing it, there within your mind, you subtly and unconsciously pass judgement upon them, as though they are somehow wrongful in the way they naturally are. And, as these judgments of how they are, feel up within your mind and body, you become quite convinced that you are, right about them. And the light of this radiating love and compassion that you once naturally felt towards them, slowly fades away. And you can no longer feel its radiance pulsating throughout your mind and body. It has been blanketed and hidden beneath your judgments. However, all along and always knowing that somewhere deep within you, this love is still there, ever present and radiant as ever. This profound feeling of love is not entirely lost to you, but rather temporarily irretrievable and inaccessible to you. And there, it remains, buried until one day, all of your judgments vanish. That is, if they ever do vanish.

Unconditional love exists beneath all preferences, likes and dislikes, labels, judgments and expectations. It exists in a whole, complete and unobstructed natural form, which is accessible to everyone at any time, and requires absolutely no effort whatsoever. Everyone, including you, is that same child that you felt this love for. No matter the judgments that you have about them, or what harmful things they have done to others, or who or how they are as a human being. Unconditional love is the only real thing that exists within and between all of us.

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