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In Tibetan Buddhism, the figure of Dzambala, also known as Kubera, is a prominent wealth deity. In summary, he embodies the virtues of material and spiritual prosperity. In fact, as the lord of riches, he holds special significance in Tibetan Buddhism. With this in mind, the eyes depicted in 3 Eye Dzi Beads directly reference Dzambala. In other words, his triple eyes see into past, present and future causes and conditions. As well as, symbolize the three prerequisites for attainment of wealth. Which are happiness, honor and long life. By focusing on the subtle patterns of 3 Eye Dzi Beads during meditation practice. Tibetan Buddhists seek to cultivate these very qualities within themselves. Moreover, on a deeper level, the three eyes invoke the purity of body, speech and mind. Also known as the three gates through which Tibetan Buddhists transform adversity. And so, wearing a 3 Eyed Dzi Bead as an emblem of Dzambala invoked his protective energy.

In addition to its significance in Tibetan Buddhist traditions. 3 Eye Dzi Beads took on important meanings in Tibetan folk beliefs as well. According to Tibetan oral histories, the 3 eyes of this talisman could see into all facets of life. As well as, bestow health, fortune and abundance upon the wearer. In fact, by some accounts, its protective energies extended to the entire community. Moreover, pairing it other Dzi beads like those representing Padmasambhava's wisdom hat. Or the Buddha's compassionate heart. Maximized its properties of prosperity in all spheres. Tales describe wonderful harvests, successful business ventures, thriving families and wards against misfortune. Even today in some rural Tibetan areas. 3 Eye Dzi Beads are talismans of supreme blessing. And regarded as an heirloom that we should generation after generation. In essence, this folkloric charm is a wellspring of benefit and joy.

Whether analyzed through Tibetan Buddhist scriptures or passing Tibetan folk tales. The humble 3 Eye Dzi Beads emerge as emblems of good fortune and well-being. Across both religious and cultural frameworks in Tibet. Its distinctive tripartite design has resonated with insightful implications. Which have only strengthened over centuries of use. In Tibetan Buddhism, its three eyes represent the harmonization of method and wisdom. Meanwhile, in Tibetan folklore, they augur health, wealth, long life and community protection. Both perspectives provide insightful contexts for contemplating the energies invested in these talismans. As with all sacred symbols interwoven throughout the lifeways and beliefs of people. The intimate meanings we discern from them are as unique as they are meaningful.

All in all, we invite you to explore our rare collection of ancient Tibetan 3 Eye Dzi Beads. With this in mind, as you intuit the auspicious meanings within each piece. You may notice subtle energies emerging from within. And thus, discover for yourself, how embracing their mysteries can illuminate your journey. As well as, bring wealth, wellness and fortune through the blessings of Dzambala. Choose from our selection, and may the three gazes nourish your daily path with harmony.

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