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Mantra Pendants

For the Practitioners of the Dharma

Mantrapiece carries some of the finest Mantra Pendants designed after your hearts content. These pendants are design with painstaking attention to every detail, elaborately bringing to life the essence of each mantra engraved of them.

Most of these pendants are engraved with the popular Om Mani Padme Hum mantra in the Tibetan or Siddham script, such as this iconic 999 silver and 24k gold Compassion Mantra Pendant designed after traditional style pendants.

Mantra Pendants have been used in the practice of the Dharma for thousands of years. Simply by holding your pendant close to your heart while meditating, and silently chanting its mantra or focusing on the meaning of the mantra, can allow you to reach profound levels of concentration.


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