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Buddha Statues, as the name implies, portray Gautama Buddha. He was a man who attained perfect enlightenment. As well as, insight into the universal truths of suffering and its cessation. Moved by compassion for all beings still ensnared in ignorance and cyclic existence. He chose to teach the path of liberation. Throughout the ages, countless souls have found solace in his message of wisdom. And betterment in his message of non-attachment. In other words, they found a means to still the turbulence of their minds. And grasp reality just as it is, uncolored by craving or aversion. Thus, the Buddha’s image serves to remind us where true peace lies. Which is not in chasing external things. But in knowing oneself through quiet reflection and meditation.

With this in mind, Buddha Statues provide various mental, physical and emotional benefits. In essence, they generate feelings of tranquility. Which in turn, help us to cultivate presence and mindfulness. Moreover, they help us to establish an atmosphere conducive to reducing stress. For this reason, their very presence acts as a prompt to remember higher virtues of patience. As well as, loving-kindness and equanimity. Likewise, Buddha Statues can inspire us to examine our habits and thought patterns. And in doing so, help us to discern how greed, hatred and delusion govern our actions and reactions. And so, with regular contemplation of the Buddha’s serene mien. We may learn to let go of suffering and discover lasting happiness from within.

Our collection features many styles of Buddha Statues. As well as, statues depicting bodhisattvas such as Guanyin and deities such as Acala, and more. Ranging from simple carved bronze to intricately detailed copper and silver. There are standing, reclining and seated poses, all representing different significances. Each are a perfect addition to your home, workspace or sacred space. Browse our full collection of tranquil Buddha Statues. And find the perfect piece to complement your spiritual practice or aesthetic. Whichever variety you choose, our Buddha Statues will no doubt become a focal point in your life. Thereby, instilling daily inspiration on your path to inner peace.

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