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Tibetan Wrist Malas

For the Practitioners of the Dharma

For ages, Tibetan people have used wrist malas for the practice of meditation and reciting mantras. The Tibetans also believe that the seeds, gemstones, woods, amber and dzi beads they use to make their wrist malas can bring great amounts of prosperity to their lives. And so, on the vast Tibetan plateau, Tibetan people can be seen wearing their wrist malas far and wide.

A wrist mala is a great tools to use during meditation practice for counting mantras. It can also be used as a spiritual guide during yoga practice or simply worn on a daily basis as a spiritual reminder to be present and embody feelings of peace, love and compassion.

Our collection of Tibetan Wrist Malas features a wide variety of wrist malas that are handmade in Tibet. Each of these bracelets are made with Tibetan bodhi seeds, rare Tibetan gemstones, beeswax amber and dzi beads.


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