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At Mantrapiece, we carry a wide variety of Tibetan Wrist Malas. To begin with, each of our Tibetan Wrist Malas have been around for decades. As a result, they have seen many lives. As well as, aided many practitioners in their pursuit to attaining enlightenment. The majority of these malas are made with old seeds, such as bodhi seeds. Furthermore, each of these seeds have aged to a dark rich color. And at the same time, still have smooth skin and visible eye formation and veins.

On the vast Tibetan plateau, Tibetans can be seen far and wide wearing their wrist malas. To Tibetans, malas made of wood, seeds and stones can bring prosperity. As well as, offer protection from negative energies. For this reason, Tibetans have been adorning themselves with malas for hundreds of years.

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