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Mantrapiece Product Reviews

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Gau Lockets

I love your gau locket but pls. make sure that the parts are well soldered and reinforced. Thanks.

Lucky Amulet

I love the amulet but unfortunately it misses a hook for the necklace. Pls. provide a hook for the medallion.

Eternal Power Mantra Bracelet

Fudo myo-o destroyer of demons pendant

Beautifully done looks great and Tibetan script is awesome. Will protect for years to come

Fudo myoo pendant

This pendant is wicked. So well made, great detail and the customer service is phenomenal. Highly recommend. Love this. Definitely going to protect me and who better than the destroyer of evil, Fudo.

Great product for the price

Look very good and very happy with it. Thank you

Absolutely Magnificent in all ways.
Much gratitude 🌺

Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra Siddham Script 999 Silver Cuff Bracelet

Protector of all disciples

This beautiful necklace is one of the best lucky charms I can imagine.
It is as detailed as shown in the pictures and is the perfect present for practitioners.

Amitabha Buddha of Immeasurable Light Pendant

Buy with confidence

Beautiful and powerful two eye with fast shipping they even included a surprise. Thank you.


Blooming Joy

I bought this exquisite necklace for a person close to me and it was a total hit. It was delivered in a cute little pouch and even earlier than estimated.
The pendant itself looks exactly like the photos on the website and is, as far as I am able to judge, of high quality and will make a person close to you very happy.

eternal now bracelet

I love this bracelet