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We source many of our Bodhi Seed Malas from Tibet. These seeds have stood the test of time for decades. They have seen many lives. As well as aided many practitioners in their pursuit to attaining enlightenment. Due to their age, these seeds have aged to a rich dark color. And at the same time, their skin remains to be smooth with visible eye formation and veins.

To begin with, we all know that the Buddha attained enlightenment under the bodhi tree. In Sanskrit the word Bodhi means "enlightenment". And in Buddhism, the word bodhi reflects a Buddhas' understanding of the true nature of things. It's because of these three reasons that bodhi seeds hold a very special meaning for all seekers of divine wisdom. And as a result, many practitioners hold bodhi seeds in the highest regard. As well as, use Bodhi Seed Malas in their meditation practice as a way to attain enlightenment.

Many people believe that bodhi seeds bring peace and wisdom to those on the path to enlightenment. In the same way, within each bead there is a sacred teaching. In fact, it's a teaching which empowers those who use them for counting mantras, praying and meditating. As you can see, inviting bodhi seeds into your practice can enhance your awareness, concentration and connection. And at the same time, bring countless benefits that can make a big difference in your life.

Bodhi seeds are one of the most sought after seeds in the world. With that said, they aren't only sought after for their use in meditation. But because of the benefits we can receive from them if we wear them. To start, bodhi seeds can improve the quality of our lives. And at the same time, they can bring out the best in us. For this reason, people wear their Bodhi Seed Malas everywhere they go.

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