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The Joy of Being


Life is a mysterious thing. Usually, that's as far as you get when you attempt to describe it. However, without the intervention of such thoughts, life isn't really a mysterious thing at all. Yet, it's the word "mysterious" that arises from within life and is made up completely of the essence of life. Life is the indescribable truth in which all phenomena arises. The living reality of life includes everything without exception. Realizing this, is where the joy of being begins.

The joy of being is a surreal state of being one with all arising phenomena and manifestations of life, and yet not being any one of them at all. It is the state of having absolutely no idea or feeling of separation from that which arises before you right now. It is all encompassing knowing that you are this one reality. That you are this one life. That you are all that is.


Unconditional Love

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