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We make Om Jewelry with the intention of bringing you a peace of mind. As well as joy in all aspects of your life. To begin with, we craft each piece with your well being at heart. For this reason, we're confident they can inspire. And in the same way, uplift you in times of need. You can also count on the quality to hold up to the test of time. And even last you a lifetime. With that said, we hope our Om Jewelry makes all the difference in your life. And serves as a guide when you feel lost.

Om is a mystical sound, syllable, mantra and symbol. It represents the "divine reality of the universe". It is the sound which gave birth to creation. As well as the sound which all matter and phenomena are made of. In other words, Om is the essence of the supreme absolute. With this in mind, Om is the most sacred mantra in Hinduism and Buddhism. For this reason, it appears at the beginning and end of most Sanskrit mantras, prayers and texts.

Today, Om is a universal symbol which people wear to convey ideas, such as unconditional love, peace, tranquility and unity. Likewise, it is a symbol which reminds people to take a moment to slow down and breath. Thus, it is very popular as a form of jewelry. With that said, chanting om can bring a world of benefits such as reducing stress, improving concentration, improving sleep, letting go of negativity and feeling more energized. And because of the vibrations it makes when chanting it, it helps to calm the mind and the central nervous system. As well as align the body, mind and soul. For this reason, those who practice yoga and meditate often chant it. In addition to this, people feel more connected with themselves and their spiritual side after chanting it.

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