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The Truth About Maturity


At which point in our lives do we considered ourselves to have reached maturity? Of course, for each of us this point comes at different times. For some of us, simply coming of age is enough for us to consider ourselves as being mature. Or maybe getting married and having children is what we consider makes us mature. Or perhaps we have reached a significant milestone in our careers, social following or financial status, and to us, this means we are mature. However, despite all that we may have accomplished in our lives, we still find ourselves complaining about how life isn't working out for us in some way or another - just like an adolescent child. So what does it actually mean to be mature?

Maturity isn't what we think it is. Because if it is, then why is it that regardless of what we aspire to be, we still act like immature children? We've led ourselves to believe that maturity is all about becoming a man or a woman, buying a, by nd owning things, getting married and having kids, being tough and not walking away from a pointless fight, being a certain race, ethnicity or nationality, or being intelligent or beautiful. But really, maturity has nothing to do with any of these things.

Maturity is all about being absolutely content with whatever happens in life. It's about discovering that you are a mystery, a gift, a miracle that no human could ever explain or even begin to comprehend. It's about finding the courage to see that no object or social or financial status could ever truly make you better. Because you are already as perfect as you'll ever be. It's about realizing that every aspect of your existence and the entire ecosystem of the universe was given to you. And you are very much connected to it. And lastly, it's about being grateful for every single moment that you have. Because the grand experience of your life will one day come to an end. And you'll miss all of it. Even the parts that seemed to be so bad.

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