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Buddha Rings

For the Practitioners of the Dharma

It was always the Buddha's goal, that each of us take a piece of his teachings with us, on our daily adventures and life experiences. At Mantrapiece, we share the same goal as the Buddha. We know that at times, life can throw curve balls. And we also know that something as simple as a ring engraved with a Buddhist mantra or symbol, can play a big part in the decisions that we make in life. And furthermore, be the difference between our feelings of joy and despair. Take a small piece of the Buddha's teaching with you on your travels, to aid you in your meditation, yoga and spiritual practices.

Mantrapiece carries some of the most authentic Buddha Rings in the world. Each of our Buddha rings are designed with painstaking attention to every detail, which reflect the exquisite artisanal skill and dedication that went into them.

Most of these rings are made of oxidized 999 silver or 925 sterling silver, and are engraved with popular Buddhist mantras and symbols, such as this stunning Ganesha Ring.


Buddha Demon RingBuddha Demon Ring
Buddha Demon Ring
Mara Demon RingMara Demon Ring
Mara Demon Ring
The Demonic Mara RingThe Demonic Mara Ring
The Demonic Mara Ring
Ganesha RingGanesha Ring
Ganesha Ring
Auspicious Clouds RingAuspicious Clouds Ring
Auspicious Clouds Ring
Om Mani Padme Hum RingOm Mani Padme Hum Ring
Om Mani Padme Hum Ring
Om Power RingOm Power Ring
Om Power Ring
Third Eye RingThird Eye Ring
Third Eye Ring
Lotus RingLotus Ring
Lotus Ring
Feng Shui Bat RingFeng Shui Bat Ring
Feng Shui Bat Ring
Lucky Bat RingLucky Bat Ring
Lucky Bat Ring
Om Namaste RingOm Namaste Ring
Om Namaste Ring

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