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Being a person or coming into ones own unique individuality is what personhood is all about. Collectively, humans regard this as a sacred and majestic lifelong ritual, which begins at a very young age. Personhood usually begins with an onset of words and phrases which are uttered to us over and over again by our parents and loved ones. These words and phrases are often along the lines of something like "you are special" or "you are amazing". Overtime, as we constantly adhere to this absurd profoundness, it begins to set in, and we eventually cling to it as though it has been the defining point in our lives, since the very beginning. And as we set out on our journey of personhood to be all that we can be, never once do we look back and question the idea of it all ~ am I a person? Are you a person?

Personhood is a stage of life that we most often remain stuck in for the entire duration of our lives. The grand grand majority of us never reach the point of realization, that we simply aren't a person, and no where within anatomy of the human body has a person ever been discovered. And not a single one of us possess any special or unique qualitative values or genetic traits that makes us more or less unique than another. Pretending to be a person also comes with a hefty list of stressful demands that we feel we must meet in order to succeed as a qualified person of society. When all along, we are just trapped in a vicious endeavor-seeking psychological struggle to meet the demands of this person that we believe ourselves to be. Here is a short list of some of the most common and widely undertaken demands that come with being a person; Becoming successful and not a failure. Gaining valuable possessions and not losing them. Liking, disliking, loving or hating the right people or things for the right reasons.

Beginning from early childhood up to those last few moments before we die, personhood remains to be the dominating factor of our existence as human beings. And though personhood is a necessary and fundamental part of life as a human being, it is also the final stage before we awaken to our true nature. But that is of course, if we can somehow manage to remember what was known to us before we believed ourselves to be a person, and awaken. Until the likelihood of such an awakening, we seem to struggle with the transcending of this idea, and moving on to the final stage of life, which is intrinsically the first stage - being, without the idea of being anything at all.

For the grand majority of us, being a person ultimately remains the lie we don't know we are telling ourselves.

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