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The Benefits of Wearing a Buddhist Mantra Bracelet


What is a Buddhist Mantra Bracelet?

A Buddhist mantra bracelet is a type of jewelry piece which has deep, spiritual meaning and is infused with mystical energy through the mantra engraved, painted or written on it.

What are Buddhist Mantra Bracelets made of?

Buddhist mantra bracelets were traditionally made with various types of gemstone, seed and wood beads that were carved, painted or written with Buddhist mantras and strung on durable rope. However, over time as technology improved, metals such as iron, steel, silver and gold have begun being used to make these bracelets as well.

What are Buddhist Mantra Bracelets used for?

Traditionally, Buddhist mantra bracelets we're handmade by monks who were skilled in the trade of handicraft. As these monks fashioned these bracelets, they would recite a sacred Hindu or Buddhist mantra. This was believed to be a profound way of charging and infusing the bracelet with powerful spiritual energy which could offer great assistance to the monks while they sat in meditation and prayer.

In today's day and age, Buddhist mantra bracelets aren’t just worn by monks. But by all people from all walks of life, religions and lifestyles. Because Buddhist mantra bracelets were once used as tools to aid monks in meditation and prayer, many people today see them as good luck charms which possess powerful spiritual energy capable of offering protection from negative forces.

The Benefits of Wearing Buddhist Mantra Bracelets

There is great spiritual significance in wearing a Buddhist mantra bracelet. These simple jewelry pieces are engraved with Buddhist mantras that can help to promote our lives in countless ways.

Serves as a Reminder

Because Buddhist mantra bracelets are often inscribed with important teachings of the Buddha, they may serve as a reminder to us to be more kind in our expression, mindful and compassionate of others and conscious of our divine origins. Wearing Buddhist mantra bracelets can offer us a profound way to embody the virtues of the Buddha.

Discover Inner Wisdom

The Buddhist mantras engraved on these bracelets contain powerful knowledge about the nature of reality and how to realize peace, love and compassion in our everyday lives. If we are to investigate the meanings of these mantras, the knowledge they contain can help us to aspire to new heights of consciousness and free ourselves from our attachment to material things and ideas, which is the cause of our suffering.

Encourages Healing and Establish Courage

Through the symbolic meaning of the mantra engraved on your bracelets, you can feel imbued with positive energy and more easily find the courage to face the difficulties and uncertainties of everyday life.

Brings Feelings of Luck, Happiness and Joy

The sounds you utter when chanting a Buddhist mantra, are said to resonate with the vibrations of the universe and align your energy with that of your surrounding environment. This resonance can help you to feel grounded and in harmony with the world around you, and bring the vital knowledge that you are exactly where you are supposed to be. And the resulting affect will ignite within you great amounts of joy and happiness, which will alternatively increase your chances of realizing how truly lucky you already are.

Empowers You to Negate Negative Energies

Wearing a Buddhist mantra bracelets is also a great way to invite the divine spirit within you, to accompany you on your daily life adventures and life experiences. For it is the waking up of the divine spirit within you, which imbues you with divine energy, and empowers you to peacefully overcome adversity and realize and avoid the negative energy of others.

How to Use Your Mantra Bracelet

Keep in mind that by only wearing your mantra bracelet wont be enough to experience the full benefits of the mantra engraved on it. I've made a short list of best practices that you can do regularly to maximize the benefits of your mantra bracelet.

  1. Remember to recite the mantra engraved on your bracelet regularly. You can either chant it out loud or silently to yourself, whichever you prefer. This will allow you to experience the full benefits of your mantra bracelet.
  2. Wear your mantra bracelet where ever you go. There is no telling what the day is going to bring. And so, having it in times of need or despair will also help you to experience the blessings it can offer.
  3. Wear your mantra bracelet on your left wrist. It has long been believed that by wearing your mantra bracelet on your left wrist can allow you to more easily absorb its energy.
  4. As you go about your day, remember that its there on your left wrist. Glance at it and touch it from time to time. Make yourself more aware of the importance of being present throughout the day.
  5. As you go about your day, shake your wrist every so often to absorb some of its energy.

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