Ammonite Healing Properties, Meanings and Powers - Mantrapiece

Ammonite is said to be an earth healing stone that brings about a circulation of energy. Which allows the wearer to feel more stable, protected, and grounded. It is a stone that helps the wearer to convert their energy into love, and helps them to develop positive feelings and a positive outlook on life. It is a stone that deepens the wearer's meditative experience, enhances their moods, relieve them of any trauma, and boost their stamina. And if they wear an ammonite pendant, it will help them to achieve balance in their body, mind, and spirit. It will attract more good luck and financial prosperity. Ultimately, ammonite helps the wearer to reach a healthy and serene state of well-being, and grants them with longevity of life. This stone is also capable of awakening the wearer's Kundalini energy.



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