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We carry some of the rarest Tibetan Jewelry in the world. And we source each piece from ethnic regions in Tibet. To start, our Tibetan Jewelry truly captures the ethnic spirit of Tibetan culture. And most of it has been around for decades as well as seen many many lives. In other words, each piece has aided many Tibetans. And helped them in many ways. With that said, we are proud to offer these rare pieces to you. Most of all, we hope that our Tibetan Jewelry can inspire and uplift you. And in the same way, aid you in your efforts to make positive changes in your life.

Tribal artisans in Tibet make Tibetan Jewellery. These artisans use local materials, such as metals, gemstones and bones to create objects of adornment. With that said, Tibetan Jewelry is rarely uniform in shape or symmetry. So, there may be missing stones, broken sections and wear patterns. This is because, much of it has been passed around from village to village for decades. As well as, handed down from generation to generation. But, it is because of these irregularities which gives Tibetan Jewelry its value.

Tibetans have always been fond of jewelry. But, not for the reasons that you might think. To begin with, they wear it because they believe it enhances their spiritual power and brings them closer to the gods. And at the same time, it reminds them of the truth inside. In addition to this, they also believe it protects them from hazards, calamities, bad omens and evil spirits. And because many Tibetans are Buddhists, their jewelry is linked to Buddhism. And so they wear jewelry as a means to convey religious messages. So, for this reason, much of their jewelry depicts Buddhist symbols.

The western world is already familiar with the profound aesthetic of Tibetan Jewelry. As well as, its connection to Buddhism. Which is why it has come to play a huge role in various Buddhist traditions around the world. With this in mind, people buy it with intent. Such as, to harness its symbolic power. Or to improve upon their spiritual practice and to feel more connected to their spiritual side.

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