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  • Ken Johnson

    What a truly incredible story Mr. Noah! Welcome to the infinite universe and power of the mind! Your story is very moving and a powerful one that made my eyes water with tears of joy for you. My hope is others will read your story and find some much needed insight to what is possible! There is no education in this lifetime more important than understanding the power of the mind and no journey or goal more important than learning to embrace it, our existence because of it and to be incredibly grateful to be blessed with it and the ability to control it. Unknowingly leaving our minds on autopilot, never learning to take control of our consciousness and power we were gifted in it, by something we’re all apart of and all connected too greater than any one of us as an individual will cause everyone a sadness they don’t understand and can’t figure out until they learn this lesson of life. Every single human being that hasn’t learned this will be unhappy and find themselves asking the same question over and over again…. “What is the point of my life and of life? Why am I here?” You we’re blessed to have found the answer. Be present in everyday you’re gifted in your current life, never forget tomorrow’s aren’t promised to anyone and live in the moment like it may be your last. Also understand this is true for everyone we love, be thankful for every moment and experience you get to share with them. You will teach others by example of you bravely always show unconditional love and compassion to those you interact with. You will unintentionally become a shining light in their darkness, like the North star and will help them find the pathway to start the journey of finding the light inside them. There is a Buddha in every one of us, the purpose of this life is to find it. May peace, love and kindness radiate on you as you radiate them! You are loved Brother! 🙏❤️

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