The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Buddha Jewelry

Jewelry has come to play a huge role in the expression of our faith, beliefs, intentions and lifestyle. While previously seen as an accessory for men and women to enhance the quality of their appearance, jewelry is now worn as a means to convey a symbolic or religious message, and even used to improve the quality of our lives.

As our understandings of the Buddha’s teachings deepen, it’s not unusual to feel a need to bring these Buddhist concepts into our everyday lives through the jewelry that we wear.

The most common forms of Buddha jewelry are pendant necklaces depicting the Buddha's face or entire body sitting in meditation, other auspicious Buddhist symbols, and the om mani padme hum mantra. Some artisans have even developed sophisticated skills at inscribing entire sutras onto medallions. Bracelets and rings are other types of Buddha jewelry, usually found to be depicting the Buddha's face, Buddhist symbols and the om mani padme hum mantra as well.

Below we have explained what it means to wear Buddha jewelry depicting the Buddha and the various symbols of Buddhism and the benefits that come with wearing these jewelry pieces.

The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Jewelry Depicting the Buddha

Wearing jewelry depicting the Buddha can act as a powerful reminder to us to be more Buddha-like in our daily expression and being. Jewelry depicting the Buddha can also encourage us to be more patient, kind in our speech and mindful of cultivating thoughts of peace and non-violence.

The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Jewelry Depicting the Auspicious Lotus Flower

The Lotus Flower represents the purity of the body, speech and mind. It floats flawlessly and beautifully above muddy waters which represent attachment, desire and suffering. And although the lotus flower is rooted at the bottom of muddy water, it still exists immaculately at the surface. And so wearing jewelry depicting the auspicious lotus flower can be a great reminder to us that we always have a choice to practice positive and pure states of being through how we use and conduct our bodies, speech and mind.

The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Jewelry Depicting the Dharma Wheel

Because the Dharma Wheel symbolizes the Buddha's teachings, wearing jewelry depicting the Dharma Wheel can be an important reminder to us of all the Buddha’s teachings.

The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Jewelry Depicting the Swastika

The Swastika symbol symbolizes divinity. Since ancient times, the Swastika symbol has been used as a symbol of spirituality, good luck, and prosperity in various Indian religions, Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism throughout Nepal, India, Mongolia, China and Japan. And so likewise, wearing jewelry depicting this sacred symbol of divinity and spirituality can help us to remember the great mystery of everything and how much we don't actually know. Wearing jewelry depicting the swastika can have enormous humbling affects on our minds and bodies.

The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Jewelry Depicting the Eternal Knot

The Eternal Knot represents the Buddha's heart, the essence of the awakened mind and universal compassion. Wearing jewelry depicting this symbol can help us to remember our divine origins and that we are always in a state of interconnectedness with all phenomena of the universe. And so regardless of what seems to be happening in our lives, we can be at ease through knowing that all is one. The message contained within this symbol can also help us to remember to move in harmony with the flow of life, and not resist it, but take positive action from a place of universal compassion.

The Meanings and Benefits of Wearing Jewelry Depicting The Vajra

The vajra is a powerful symbol which symbolizes the breakable, impregnable, and indestructible nature of reality. Through the meaning of this symbol, wearing jewelry depicting it can remind one of their divine and indestructible true nature, granting them with fearlessness in their everyday being and the mental fortitude to over come difficulties of life.

Wearing Jewelry Depicting the Om Mani Padme Hum Mantra

The Dalai Lama said that the meaning of the om mani padme hum mantra is “great and vast” because all of the teachings of the Buddha are wrapped up in this one phrase. And that chanting this mantra can transform your impure body, speech and mind into the pure body, speech and mind of Buddha. Wearing jewelry inscribed with the om mani padme hum mantra can act as a powerful reminder to strive to embody the virtues of the Buddha.


Everything about the Buddhist path is meant to soften our heart and mind and reduce our feelings of dependence on material things and ideals, so that we become more kind, compassionate and more aware of the basic fundamental Buddhist principles in daily life. If we wear and use our Buddha jewelry as a form of skillful means, by practicing spiritual qualities like compassion and tolerance in our daily lives, then over time our continued practice can us lead to awakening and ever-lasting joy and peace.