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Tibetan Yak Bone Skull Bead Impermanence Wrist Mala 21 Beads

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Old Tibetan Yak Bone Skull Bead Impermanence Mala |

Impermanence is a philosophical concept which aims to express that all of conditioned existence, without exception, is "transient, evanescent, inconstant and is ultimately subject to decay.

The significance of this Impermanence Wrist Mala, is that it may act as a kind of anchor in the world of desire and attachment. And constantly remind you of the impermanent nature of all things. This will help you to stay grounded and live in truth.

This fascinating Impermanence Wrist Mala Beads made of skull beads that have been hand carved out of old Tibetan yak bone, and strung on a durable rope with tassel.

  • Material: Tibetan yak bone
  • Colors: Yellow, white
  • Process: Handmade
  • Bead Count: 21 Beads
  • Jewelry Type: Wrist mala
  • Bead Dimensions: 13mm