Natural Brown Amber Bangle

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Diameter: 58mm

As exclusive, delightful, and elegant this Brown Amber Bangle is, it also offers and abundant of healing properties that can bring great encouragement into your life. This Brown Amber bangle is made with 100% natural and thick Baltic amber in a modern design. Its smooth to the touch and goes elegantly with most skin tones.

Amber is an organic stone with powerful healing and cleansing energies. Regardless of the state of your being, it can help us to cleanse the body, mind and spirit. Because of its organic molecular structure, it offers special healing properties that can remove disease and illnesses from the body and can actively heal and renew the nervous system and bring balance to the right and left sides of the brain. If negative feelings always seem to get the best of you, then amber is a great choice for you. because it can absorb your pain, negative energy, and help you to alleviate your stress levels. It clears away depression, stimulates intellect, and can even promote self-confidence and creative self-expression. It also contributes to positive decision-making, spontaneity and brings wisdom, balance and patience.

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  • Material: Blood red amber
  • Process: Handcrafted
  • Jewelry Type: Mala bracelet
  • Color: Reds, browns
  • Width: 30mm
  • Thickness: 11mm
  • Bead Diameter: 58mm, 60mm, 62mm
  • Weight: 49.7g

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