Kalachakra Nepali Gau Box

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This Nepali Gau Box is made of 925 sterling silver. It was handmade in Nepal and is engraved with the Kalachakra on the front-side at the center. This Nepali Gau Box can be of great use for anyone wishing to overcome karma and attain enlightenment.

One of the great benefits of wearing a Gau Box, is that it can empower us to courageously face adversity. Simply by holding it in your hands, reciting the mantra engraved on it, or opening it up to read the message contained inside, can help us to remember what matters most and how to react in any situation.

The Kalachakra is a traditional Indian and Tibetan meditation practice of great complexity. It Originated long ago from the highest class of tantra, Anuttarayoga. It provides a profound method for overcoming karma and attaining enlightenment. In its architectural design, it contains the encyclopedia of ancient Indian science. Which is said to be helpful to everyone, regardless of their beliefs.

The Kalachakra Seed Syllable or Tenfold Powerful One is a complex Buddhist emblem symbolizing the Kalachakra, or wheel of time. The seven intertwined letters (rendered in Lantsa, a Buddhist version of Sanskrit used for mantras and sacred texts) represent the seven words of the Kalachakra mantra - "Ham Ksha Ma La Va Ra Ya." The seven letters, combined with the crescent and full moons and the nada (wisp), make up the ten elements that give the emblem its name.

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  • Origin: Nepal
  • Material: Nepali silver (pure 925 sterling silver), brass
  • Colors: Silvers
  • Process: Handcrafted
  • Jewelry Type: Gau box
  • External Width: 2.2cm
  • Internal Width: 2.0cm
  • External Height: 3.2cm
  • Internal Height: 2.3cm
  • Thickness: 0.9cm
  • Tube Diameter: 8.2 grams

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