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Agarwood Wrist Mala

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Agarwood Mala Beads | MANTRAPIECE

The peaceful and enlightening aroma of this Agarwood wrist mala will bring about a smile that will that reflect a deep feeling of the inner peace and stillness.

This Agarwood wrist mala bracelet is made from hand-carved pieces of the highest quality of agarwood there is.

  • Material: Agarwood
  • Color: Browns, blacks
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Wrist mala
  • Bead Dimensions: 9*11mm


Agarwood, aloeswood, eaglewood, or gharuwood is a dark resinous wood which is revered throughout the world for its distinctive fragrance. Since ancient times, agarwood has been used in incense, perfume, small carvings and mala beads. Agarwood is formed in the heartwood of aquilaria trees when they become infected with a type of mold. Prior to infection, the heartwood is odorless, relatively light and pale colored; however, as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin, called aloes or agar as well as gaharu, jinko, oud, or oodh, in response to the attack, which results in a very dense, dark, resin-embedded heartwood. The resin-embedded wood is valued in Biblical Jewish perfumery and Arabic-Middle Eastern culture for its distinctive fragrance, and thus is used for incense and perfumes. The aromatic qualities of agarwood are influenced by the species, geographic location, its branch, trunk and root origin, length of time since infection, and methods of harvesting and processing.

Agarwood is said to be more expensive than gold and to a greater extent, it is true. Though the demand for the product is high, the supply is very low as there is less number of agarwood trees. This raises the demand and also adds to the market price of the agarwood. The exploitation of the resins is another reason why agarwood is expensive.

Given the nature in which our products are created, rather they be ethnic-made Tibetan prayer beads, rare dzi beads, or Nepali silver jewelry, each of our products are of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. And so, we offer a full one year return on all purchases that become defective.

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