Mantrapiece carries some of the most profound and insightful Buddhist Pendants in the world. Handcrafted by some of the most skilled artisans and dedicated Buddhist practitioners with love and passion, for your well-being and peace of mind.

Many of our Buddhist Pendants are engraved with the popular Buddhist Om Mani Padme Hum mantras, sacred Buddhist symbols, ritual objects or even shaped after important Buddhist deities or disciples of the Buddha. And some of our pendants contain the engravings of entire Buddhist sutras, such as this unbelievable 999 silver Shurangama Sutra Pendant.

These pendants are primarily made of 999 silver or 925 sterling silver, and and finished with a beautiful special oxidization process, which only enhances the quality and brings to life the essence and meaning each pendant.

Each of these pendants have been carefully and creatively designed to reflect your passion and dedication to the Dharma, peace, love and compassion, and the Buddha. These pendants may also greatly assist you in your meditation, yoga and spiritual practices. By acting as spiritual guides, which can deepen your concentration while mediating, improve your understanding of Buddhism and the teachings of the Buddha, and even help you to develop healthy and peaceful living habits.


Acala (Fudo Myo-o) 999 Silver Pendant - MantrapieceAcala (Fudo Myo-o) 999 Silver Pendant - Mantrapiece
Acala Pendant and Chain Necklace
Starting at $177.99
Surangam Sutra Silver Medallion Pendant-Mantrapiece.comSurangam Sutra Silver Medallion
Shurangama Sutra Medallion
Surangam Sutra Siddham Script Tungsten Steel Medallion-Mantrapiece.comSurangam Sutra Siddham Script Tungsten Steel
Surangama Sutra Medallion
Vajra Silver Pendant-Mantrapiece.comVajra Silver
Vajra Pendant
Surangama Sutra Buddha Meditating Medallion 990 Silver-Mantrapiece.comSurangama Sutra Buddha Meditating Medallion 990
Shurangama Sutra Buddha Medallion
Amitabha Buddha of Immeasurable Light Pendant-MantrapieceAmitabha Buddha of Immeasurable Light Pendant-Mantrapiece
Concentration Amitabha Pendant
Starting at $176.99Sold out
Acala Frightening Demons and Gods Pendant-MantrapieceAcala Frightening Demons and Gods Pendant-Mantrapiece
Frightening Demons Acala Pendant
Starting at $179.99
Protection Incantation Pedant Nepali Jewelry-MantrapieceProtection Incantation Pedant Nepali Jewelry-Mantrapiece
Nepali Protection Incantation Pedant
Iron Meteorite Dragon Head Fa Qi Phurba Dagger Silver Pendant - MantrapieceIron Meteorite Dragon Head Fa Qi Phurba Dagger Silver Pendant - Mantrapiece
Dragon Head Dorje Pendant
Fearless Shaolin Monk PendantFearless Shaolin Monk Pendant
Fearless Shaolin Monk Pendant
Starting at $405.99
Shurangama Sutra Great Wisdom Medallion Pendant-MantrapieceShurangama Sutra Great Wisdom Medallion Pendant-Mantrapiece
Surangama Sutra Pendant
Starting at $273.99
Buddha Meditating Nephrite Jade Pendant - MantrapieceBuddha Meditating Nephrite Jade Pendant - Mantrapiece
Meditation Pendant
Flaming Buddha Pendant 990 Silver - MantrapieceFlaming Buddha Pendant 990 Silver - Mantrapiece
Flaming Buddha Chains Pendant
Starting at $565.99
Spinning Mantra Pendant-MantrapieceSpinning Mantra Pendant-Mantrapiece
Spinning Compassion Mantra Pendant
Black Sandalwood Silver Mantra Pendant-MantrapieceBlack Sandalwood Silver Mantra Pendant-Mantrapiece
Sandalwood Silver Mantra Pendant
Naga Serpent PendantNaga Serpent Pendant
Naga Serpent Pendant
Starting at $270.99
Child Monk PendantChild Monk Pendant
Child Monk Pendant
Starting at $238.99
Mammoth PendantMammoth Pendant
Mammoth Pendant
Starting at $243.99

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