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Two Eye Dzi Bead Properties, Meanings and Powers


Ultimately, the Two Eyes Dzi Bead represents what we all strive and hope for in this lifetime - true love and a happy marriage. It strengthens your marriage, by increasing the amount of energy which flows between you and your partner during sex. This energy in turn creates a feeling within the both of you, that you are in harmony together as and inseparable as one.

In Buddhism, the two-eyes dzi bead is seen as the symbol which unblocks the path to enlightenment. Through this bead, enlightenment can be achieved as it greatly enhances the strength of your relationship with your soulmate, allowing the both of you to feel complete, just as you are. It is this feeling of completeness and not needing anything, which is what enlightenment is. The feeling of wholeness. 

For those who are single individuals, the two-eyes dzi bead will unite them with their long awaited soulmates. Sometimes, these two-eyes dzi beads have small marks on the sides. These marks symbolize "bats". And anyone that has a dzi bead with symbols of bats on it, is sure to accumulate vast amounts of happiness.

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