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Where do Dzi Beads Come From?

Dzi beads are rare agate stone beads that are primarily found in the Himalayan mountainous regions of Tibet, eastern Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and other places. These beads have been passed down from generation to generation among and within ethnic Tibetan and Nepalese families for about 2500 years.

To this day, the profound creation of dzi beads remains shrouded in mystery. Despite the countless stories of Tibetan lore that talk about the divine, magical or mystical origin of them, there are still no official historical documentations of any kind. It's almost as if, one of these dzi bead legends is perhaps true; these beads just may be of divine origin.

What do Dzi Beads Mean?

According to legends, dzi beads were originally considered to be "god's treasures" which made their way down to earth, and were later discovered by the Tibetan people. To this day, Tibetan people still believe dzi beads to be sacred stones that descended from heaven. The Tibetans have theorized that divine origin rendered dzi beads to be precious and powerful talismans that promote prosperity, luck, wealth, success and protection, by enhancing their owners abilities. Thus, bringing forth their attention and dedication to the present moment.

What do Dzi Beads Look Like?

Dzi beads come in many different types of patterns and designs, which in Buddhism, symbolize a wide variety of different things about life and the universe. The most common and widely worn Dzi beads are the ones that resemble eyes. There are the one eye, the two eyes, the three eyes and going up to the nine eyes, and twelve eyes, seventeen eyes and even one hundred eyes. And naturally, the more eyes on a dzi bead, means the higher the price.



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