Earth Witness Buddha Statue

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Embark on a journey to spiritual awakening with our Earth Witness Buddha Statue. It is an embodiment of serenity and timeless wisdom. In fact, this exquisite piece captures the pivotal moment of the Buddha's enlightenment. Thereby, it is an offering of peace and understanding to all who gace upon it.

The Earth Witness Buddha Statue is a masterful representation of the historical Buddha. It captures the very moment as he summoned the earth to witness his enlightenment. His right hand is reaching down in the Bhumisparsha Mudra. This gesture symbolizes unshakable faith and steadfastness. Moreover, it is a testament to the Buddha's attainment of nirvana beneath the Bodhi tree.

In contrast, the left hand of the Earth Witness Buddha Statue rests in the lap in the Dhyana Mudra. In fact, this hand is holding a bowl. This bowl signifys the Buddha's receptiveness to the offerings provided to him. This gesture also reflects a state of deep meditation and the unity of thought. Seated in the lotus posture, the statue embodies the full lotus position. The lotus posture brings stabilizing energies, allowing for deep meditation and concentration.

The Earth Witness Buddha Statue is a blend of hand-artistry and machine precision. In other words, skilled artisans first shape the figure with their hands. In doing so, they capture the essence of the Buddha's enlightened presence. This handcrafted approach imbues the statue with a unique touch. And in turn, it ensures that every fold of the robe and curve of the body is rendered with personal care. Then, using refined machine techniques, they achieve consistency. Thus, the statue gains the strength to last through the ages.

The Earth Witness Buddha Statue resonates with an aura of authenticity and historical depth. This is because; it is crafted from high-quality brass and treated with an antique finish. In fact, the finish brings out the intricate details and imparts a warm, rich patina. Thereby, the patina suggests the statue could have been a cherished relic from an ancient temple.

All in all, the Earth Witness Buddha Statue is more than an object of decoration. It is a beacon of enlightenment, which invites reflection and calm into your home or sacred space. For this reason, it stands as a reminder of the Buddha's journey to enlightenment. Let it inspire you to seek your own path to inner peace and spiritual fulfillment.


  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Antique
  • Condition: New
  • Color: Browns
  • Process: Handmade & Machine
  • Small Size Dimensions:
    • Height: 12.5cm
    • Length: 6.6cm
    • Width: 11.5cm
    • Weight: 520g
  • Medium Size Dimensions:
    • Height: 21.5cm
    • Length: 18cm
    • Width: 12cm
    • Weight: 1.98kg
  • Large Size Dimensions:
    • Height: 33cm
    • Length: 28cm
    • Width: 19cm
    • Weight: 5kg

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