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Tibetan Star Moon Bodhi Seed Wrist Mala Turquoise Ore

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Tibetan Star Moon Bodhi Wrist Mala Turquoise Ore |

An Ethnic Tibetan Star Moon Bodhi Seed Mala, designed to protect the wearer against calamities and catastrophes. This Star Moon Bodhi Seed Mala will act as a guide, by reminding the wearer that they can surmount all obstacles. Just as the scared lotus flower thrives in filthy water and emerges with abundance and beauty. With this Star Moon Bodhi Seed Mala wrapped around your wrist, you too will thrive in any difficult situation, and overcome it.

This Tibetan Star Moon Bodhi Seed Mala bracelet paired with an Two Eyes Dzi Bead, Tibetan turquoise and stung on durable stretchy cord.

For more of these authentic Tibetan malas, please visit our Tibetan Inheritance collection.

  • Origin: Tibet
  • Material: Star Moon Bodhi Seed, Tibetan turquoise, brass
  • Color: Blacks, browns, golds, yellows, turquoise
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Wrist mala
  • Star Moon Bodhi Seed Dimensions: 7*12mm
  • Two Eyes Dzi Bead Dimensions: 14.5*33mm
  • Tibetan Turquoise Bead Dimensions: 6*12mm


The spiritual significance of the Star and Moon Bodhi (lotus seed) is just like that of the auspicious lotus flower. The lotus flower emerges and blossoms in filthy water. And so the lotus seed symbolizes spiritual growth and the ability to rise above all obstacles. And it is believed that the lotus seed will promote spiritual growth for the wearer and aid them in rising above all obstacles.


And of all the stones on earth, none is more sacred and important to Tibetans. Tibetan turquoise is the nation’s most precious symbol of personal happiness, social affiliation, fertility, prosperity, well being, and the divine presence. And is used as a token of love between the people and is thought to protect both the person giving the gem and the person receiving it as a gift. It is their seminal symbol of love and life itself. To the Tibetans, turquoise is viewed as the sky stone, which was brought to earth from the heavens above.

Two Eyes Dzi Bead | MANTRAPIECE

The two eyes dzi bead is a symbol of what we all strive and hope for in this lifetime - true love and a happy marriage. The two eyes dzi bead is known for it's ability to strengthen its owners marriage, by increasing the amount of energy which flows between them and their partner during sex. This energy in turn creates a harmonic feeling within both of them, that they are an inseparable being. This feeling flows between the two of them throughout everyday and in between everything they do rather together or not. In Buddhism, the two eyes dzi bead is seen as the symbol which unblocks the path to enlightenment. It is said that through this bead, enlightenment can be achieved as it greatly enhances the strength of your relationship, allowing the both of you to feel complete and whole. It is also believed to unite those who are single with their long awaited soulmates. Sometimes, these two eyes dzi beads have small marks on their sides. These marks symbolize "bats". And anyone that has a dzi bead with these symbols of bats, is sure to accumulate vast amounts of happiness.

Meaning of Brass | MANTRAPIECE

The mala bracelet is made of high-quality brass. In the metal kingdom, brass is said to be a metal which magically boosts vitality and positivity, and brings out one's goodness and inner truth. It is said to help you clear out old, inconvenient and unproductive thinking patterns and behavior. Boost vitality and positivity in daily life. Reduce negative thinking. Help you to realize the source of a problem and more easily find a way to overcome it.

Given the nature in which our products are created, rather they be ethnic-made Tibetan prayer beads, rare dzi beads, or Nepali silver jewelry, each of our products are of outstanding quality and craftsmanship. And so, we offer a full one year return on all purchases that become defective.

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