Seven Treasures of Buddhism Tibetan Mala

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Seven Treasures of Buddhism Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

A very precious Tibetan mala bracelet composed of almost all of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. A Tibetan mala bracelet that symbolizes nobility, purity, persistence, peace, prosperity, health, perfection, consciousness and wisdom. And was handmade to invoke within you all of these attributes, and bring out in you the noblest of qualities. This Tibetan mala bracelet is absolutely suitable for just about every occasion. And is the absolute perfect give for your most beloved one.

Tibetan Beeswax Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

This Tibetan mala is made of 100% Tibetan beeswax from the Baltic Sea region. The Baltic Sea region is home to some of the most authentic amber in the world. And some of the most sacred Tibetan malas are made of this Baltic amber. Tibetan beeswax is known as one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. And since time memorial, the various esoteric sects of Buddhism, have used Tibetan beeswax to worship the Buddha, to show unity and to consecrate holy relics. In Tibet, beeswax is a symbol of unity and plays a pivotal role in Tibetan life. If not only seen as an aesthetic necessity and the wealth of secular life, but more importantly Tibetan beeswax embodies the uninhibited cultural spirit and religious beliefs of Tibetan people.

Red Agate Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

This Tibetan mala is made with red agate. In Tibetan, agate of all types are known as all-round healing gemstones. They are believed to heal the wearers mind, body, spirit, and their surrounding environments. Possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. Bring good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health. Produces strength, power, courage, and encourage truthfulness and bring forth understanding.

Tibetan Turquoise Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

This Tibetan mala bracelet is made with Tibetan turquoise. And of all the stones on earth, none is more sacred and important to Tibetans. Turquoise is the nation’s most precious symbol of personal happiness, social affiliation, fertility, prosperity, well being, and the divine presence. And is used as a token of love between the people and is thought to protect both the person giving the gem and the person receiving it as a gift. It is their seminal symbol of love and life itself. To the Tibetans, turquoise is viewed as the sky stone, which was brought to earth from the heavens above.

Tibetan Coral Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

This Tibetan mala bracelet is made with coral. In Buddhism coral is believed to be generally good. And the Tibetans and Tibeto-Nepalese think of it as a good investment, and believe that the person who wears coral will have great success in life. This is one reason why the coral bead has been fashioned into a dice. The dice design itself represents the nature of becoming successful - One must engage in gambling through investing money. In Tibet, coral is also said to give strength and bring luck to women, favorably influencing the menstrual cycle.

Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead | Mantrapiece

This Tibetan mala bracelet contains a tiger teeth dzi bead. The tiger teeth dzi bead is quite a special bead, in the sense that it greatly assists its owner in life and it invokes within them an array of useful attributes. The tiger teeth dzi bead will help its owner to develop spiritual strength. Amplify their self-confidence. Build their courage up. Aid them in overcoming difficulty. Help them to achieve on their aspirations. Destroy their fears. Cleanse them of any evil spirits. Destroy evil thoughts (if they have any). Remove difficult obstacles from their path. Attract auspicious signs for them. Help them to navigate in their desired direction. Promote luck and success for them. Helps businessmen to triumph over their competitors. Opens up new opportunities. Eliminates obstacles on the way to success. And if this bead is bestowed to a child, it will protect them when no one else can.

Nectar Vessel Dzi Bead | MANTRAPIECE

This Tibetan mala bracelet contains a nectar vessel dzi bead. The nectar vessel dzi bead bares the shape of a heart with a cross coming out of the top. This bead is known throughout all of East Asia as the Nectar Vessel Dzi Bead of Amrita (immortality). It represents the food for the gods. Which is said to be their milk and honey, which flows like water in pure lands. And so it assists in bringing its owner in obtaining all the good things that life has to offer (milk and honey). It is believed to prevent its owner from death due to back luck. Helps them to align and establish good virtues. Helps them to gain wealth, prosperity and longevity of life. Grants its owner with whatever they desire. Enchants the owner with the greatest of luck. It grants prosperity to businessmen, wisdom to those who are anxious for knowledge, and enlightenment to those who are seeking it. Assists in opening doors, and making the path much easier. Assist the owner in gaining charisma and presence with others. And ultimately assists the owner in making life better than they could have ever imagined.

Striped Dzi Bead | Mantrapiece

This Tibetan mala bracelet contains a striped dzi bead. The striped dzi bead is famed for its ability to help people turn unfavorable situations into favorable ones. If you listen to it, it will prompt you on how to get what you want (provided that no one will get hurt). This bead promises a harmonic life and prosperity to its owner. All you need to do is tune it with it, by trying to feel and distinguish the signs that it's trying to give you.

  • Origin: Tibet
  • Material: Dzi bead, coral, carnelian, turquoise, amber, brass, agate
  • Colors: Greens, whites, yellows, blacks, browns, reds, oranges
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Mala bracelet
  • Two Eyes Dzi Bead Dimensions: 12*28mm
  • Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead Dimensions: 11.5*26mm
  • Large Tibetan Beeswax Amber Bead Dimensions: 11.5*26mm
  • Barrel Yellow Amber Bead Dimensions: 10.5*12.5mm
  • Striped Dzi Bead Dimensions: 11*11mm
  • Round Red Agate Bead Dimensions: 9.5*12mm
  • Barrel Turquoise Bead Dimensions: 10.5*16.5mm
  • Round Turquoise Bead Diameter: 11mm
  • Melon Carnelian Bead Diameter: 14mm
  • Barrel African Turquoise Bead Dimensions: 10*12mm
  • Round Lotus Coral Bead Diameter: 11.5mm

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