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Tibetan Divine Wisdom Wrist Mala

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Seven Treasures of Buddhism Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

A glorified Tibetan Wrist Mala that symbolizes nobility, purity, persistence, peace, prosperity, health, perfection, and divine wisdom. Handmade by Tibetan hands to invoke within the wearer all of these attributes, and bring out in them the noblest of qualities.

This Tibetan Wrist Mala is made of coral, Tibetan turquoise, African Turquoise, Tibetan beeswax, carnelian, red agate, striped agate, a tiger teeth dzi bead, a two eyes dzi bead, and strung on durable stretchy cord.

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  • Origin: Tibet
  • Material: Dzi bead, coral, Tibetan turquoise, African Turquoise, Tibetan beeswax, amber, brass, agate, carnelian
  • Colors: Greens, whites, yellows, blacks, browns, reds, oranges
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Wrist mala
  • Two Eyes Dzi Bead Dimensions: 12*28mm
  • Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead Dimensions: 11.5*26mm
  • Large Tibetan Beeswax Amber Bead Dimensions: 11.5*26mm
  • Barrel Yellow Amber Bead Dimensions: 10.5*12.5mm
  • Striped Dzi Bead Dimensions: 11*11mm
  • Round Red Agate Bead Dimensions: 9.5*12mm
  • Melon Carnelian Bead Diameter: 14mm
  • Round Lotus Red Agate Bead Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Barrel African Turquoise Bead Dimensions: 10*12mm
  • Barrel Turquoise Bead Dimensions: 10.5*16.5mm
  • Round Turquoise Bead Diameter: 11mm