Ruya Rod Swastika Dzi Bead Medallion

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Ruya Rod Swastika Dzi Bead Medallion | MANTRAPIECE

The Ruya Rod dzi bead is the second most famous dzi bead in all of Asia. As it directly effects the prosperity of the wearer's life, by granting them with whatever they desire. In ancient China, the Ruya Rod is said to be an ancient Taoist magical artifact, making your greatest desires come true. A symbol of spiritual perfection and power. It is described, to be like that of a magic wand in fairy tales, shaping the world around you as you see fit. As Chinese lore has it, Taoist masters searched endlessly for the Ruya Rod in mountains but never found it. And as time went on, the rod was said to have fused with dzi beads. Combining the power of wish fulfillment and the mysterious dzi bead's heavenly energy. Making Ruya Rod dzi bead one of the most powerful dzi beads in existence. The Ruya Rod dzi bead embodies the energy of power, authority, career, sexual health, prosperity, wealth and spiritual perfection. Just about everything you could ever wish for, it has to offer.

Swastika Dzi Bead | MANTRAPIECE

The swastika dzi bead symbolizes truth, law, purity, and all aspects of the law. It is believed that this bead may help its owner to comply with, obey and abide by the law, any protect them from legal proceedings and any other judicial matters. This bead also blesses its owner with good fortune, family harmony, longevity of living, wish fulfillment, good Luck, peace and health. The swastika dzi bead is one of the most sacred symbols of Esoteric Buddhism. It is the mark of a human being whose soul has reached Nirvana or and is liberated from Samsara.

  • Origin: Unknown (Tibet)
  • Material: Agate
  • Colors: Browns, whites
  • Pattern: Ruya rod, swastika
  • Process: Unknown
  • Jewelry Type: Bead, medallion
  • Width: 25mm
  • Height: 35mm

This dzi bead is a one of a kind item. It is extremely rare, and the fine details of its colors, patterns, shape and condition are nonidentical to any others. Because of this, we can not guarantee the availability of it. So, we strongly recommend that you first inquire about the availability, before purchasing it.

You can make an inquiry through our contact page. Please be sure to add the website link for this dzi bead into your inquiry.

Given the nature in which our products are created, rather they be ethnic Tibetan or Nepali malas, silver medallions, scroll lockets or bangles, each are of products are of outstanding quality and are made with the highest quality of materials and by the most professional and dedicated artisans. And so, we offer a full one year return on all purchases that become defective.

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