Rudraksha Coral Dice Tibetan Mala

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Rudraksha Coral Dice Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

An elegant and never before seen ethnic-made Tibetan mala bracelet, that has been specifically designed to protect you on your journey to success. This Tibetan mala bracelet is made of hand-carved and smoothed down rudraksha seeds. And is coupled with a red coral bead that's been hand-fashioned into a dice and a black and white striped dzi bead.

  • Origin: Tibet
  • Material: Agate, coral, Rudraksha
  • Colors: Browns, blacks, reds
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Mala bracelet
  • Striped Agate Diameter: 19mm
  • Rudraksha Bead Diameter: 19mm
  • Coral Dice Bead Diameter: 19mm


This Tibetan mala bracelet is made of old rudraksha seeds. According to the ancient Vedic scriptures, rudraksha beads were formed from the tears of Lord Rudra, who is otherwise known as Lord Shiva. Since time memorial, rudraksha beads have been used by yogi's, saints, sages and other mystics from all across ancient India, Nepal, Tibet, China and other various countries in Asia, for balancing the mind and the emotions. Which helps to create and environment that boasts peaceful meditation and overtime the achievement of your desired goals. Overall, rudraksha seeds are known to assist in meditation, stress relief, healing the body and engendering positive changes in one's life. It is also strongly believed that wearing rudraksha beads provides one with the guardianship of Shiva himself, and works as a shield against all kinds of negative energies.


This Tibetan mala bracelet is made with coral. In Buddhism coral is believed to be generally good. And the Tibetans and Tibeto-Nepalese think of it as a good investment, and believe that the person who wears coral will have great success in life. This is one reason why the coral bead has been fashioned into a dice. The dice design itself represents the nature of becoming successful - One must engage in gambling through investing money. In Tibet, coral is also said to give strength and bring luck to women, favorably influencing the menstrual cycle.

Striped Dzi Bead | Mantrapiece

This Tibetan mala bracelet contains a striped dzi bead. The striped dzi bead is famed for its ability to help people turn unfavorable situations into favorable ones. If you listen to it, it will prompt you on how to get what you want (provided that noone will get hurt). This bead promises a harmonic life and prosperity to its owner. All you need to do is tune it with it, by trying to feel and distinguish the signs that it's trying to give you.

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