Red Agate Tiger Teeth Dzi Old Rudraksha Tibetan Mala

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Red Agate Tiger Teeth Dzi Bodhi Tibetan Mala | MANTRAPIECE

A Tibetan mala bracelet made of precious old rudraksha seeds, a double tiger teeth dzi bead and old natural red agate. Wearing this Tibetan mala bracelet will invite inner peace and a sense of calmness into your life. And help you to feel a sense of peace and connection to your physical body.

  • Origin: Tibet
  • Material: Agate, bodhi seed, red agate,
  • Color: Dark brown, brown, red, ivory
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Mala bracelet
  • Bodhi Seed Dimensions: 6*8.5mm
  • Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead Dimensions: 14*16mm
  • Red Agate Bead Diameter: 13.5mm


This Tibetan mala bracelet is made of old rudraksha seeds. According to the ancient Vedic scriptures, rudraksha beads were formed from the tears of Lord Rudra, who is otherwise known as Lord Shiva. Since time memorial, rudraksha beads have been used by yogi's, saints, sages and other mystics from all across ancient India, Nepal, Tibet, China and other various countries in Asia, for balancing the mind and the emotions. Which helps to create and environment that boasts peaceful meditation and overtime the achievement of your desired goals. Overall, rudraksha seeds are known to assist in meditation, stress relief, healing the body and engendering positive changes in one's life. It is also strongly believed that wearing rudraksha beads provides one with the guardianship of Shiva himself, and works as a shield against all kinds of negative energies.


This Tibetan mala bracelet is made with red agate. In Tibetan, agate of all types are known as all-round healing gemstones. They are believed to heal the wearers mind, body, spirit, and their surrounding environments. Possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. Bring good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health. Produces strength, power, courage, and encourages truthfulness.

Double Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead | MANTRAPIECE

This Tibetan mala bracelet contains a double tiger teeth dzi bead. The double tiger teeth dzi bead is widely sought after for its magnified spiritual properties and array of attributes that it bestows to its owner. It is believed to possess six times the spiritual strength of the normal tiger teeth dzi bead. The tiger teeth dzi bead is quite a special bead, in the sense that it greatly assists its owner in life and it invokes within them an array of useful attributes. The tiger teeth dzi bead will help its owner to develop spiritual strength. Amplify their self-confidence. Build their courage up. Aid them in overcoming difficulty. Help them to achieve on their aspirations. Destroy their fears. Cleanse them of any evil spirits. Destroy evil thoughts (if they have any). Remove difficult obstacles from their path. Attract auspicious signs for them. Help them to navigate in their desired direction. Promote luck and success for them. Helps businessmen to triumph over their competitors. Opens up new opportunities. Eliminates obstacles on the way to success. And if this bead is bestowed to a child, it will protect them when no one else can

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