Howlite Ammonite Peach Moonstone Himalayan Mala Beads

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Himalayan Mala Necklace Howlite Ammonite Peach Moonstone | MANTRAPIECE

Discover the spiritual essence of the Himalayas in these Himalayan mala beads made with howlite, ammonite, peach moonstone and a peach colored high quality polyester tassel. Each mala is handmade with the best gemstones from each batch. Ensuring that you're satisfied with the authentic gemstone, string and tassel quality. And most of all, the mala meets your every yoga, meditation, reflection and spiritual needs.

  • Origin: Himalayas
  • Material: Howlite, ammonite, peach moonstone
  • Colors: White, peach, light green
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Mala necklace
  • Bead Dimensions: 6mm


These Himalayan mala beads are made with howlite. Howlite is said to be a great stone for aiding those with insomnia. Especially when the insomnia is due to an overactive mind. It generates ambitions and aids the wearer in achieving their goals. It strengthens the wearer's memory and stimulates their desire for knowledge. It teaches the wearer patience and helps them to eliminate rage, pain and stress from their life. It is a calming stone that calms down the thinking mind, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression.


These Himalayan mala beads are made with ammonite. Ammonite is said to be an earth healing stone that brings about a circulation of energy. Which allows the wearer to feel more stable, protected, and grounded. It is a stone that helps the wearer to convert their energy into love, and helps them to develop positive feelings and a positive outlook on life. It is a stone that deepens the wearer's meditative experience, enhances their moods, relieve them of any trauma, and boost their stamina. And if they wear an ammonite pendant, it will help them to achieve balance in their body, mind, and spirit. It will attract more good luck and financial prosperity. Ultimately, this stone helps the wearer to reach a healthy and serene state of well-being, and grants them with longevity of life. This stone is also capable of awakening the wearer's Kundalini energy.

Given the nature in which our products are created, rather they be ethnic Tibetan or Nepali malas, silver medallions, scroll lockets or bangles, each are of products are of outstanding quality and are made with the highest quality of materials and by the most professional and dedicated artisans. And so, we offer a full one year return on all purchases that become defective.

We require 3 to 5 business days to prepare the product and the shipment. During these 5 days, we will process the order and confirm legitimacy of the transaction. While we are processing the order, we will also conduct a routine quality check on the product, just to ensure there are no potential quality issues.

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