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Green Black Sandalwood Dzi Bead Wrist Mala Wrap

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Green Black Sandalwood Dzi Bead Wrist Mala Wrap -

This Wrist Mala Wrap comes in two styles - green sandalwood and black sandalwood. Its the absolute perfect Wrist Mala Wrap for any jewelry collection. Though it may not be suitable for counting mantras, it is most certainly a great Wrist Mala Wrap for meditation and yoga. Because sandalwood can aid the wearer in deeper meditation, by allowing them to harness deeper awareness and concentration through the subtle and natural aromas it gives off.

These Wrist Mala Wraps are made of green sandalwood, black sandalwood, brass, dzi beads, and are strung on durable stretchy cord.

For more of these modern and stylish wrist malas, please visit our Alchemy Collection.

  • Material: Black sandalwood, black carnelian, brass, dzi bead, agate
  • Color: Blacks, golds, browns
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Wrist mala
  • Brass Loop Diameter: 10mm
  • Flat Brass Bead Dimensions: 1.5*4mm
  • Black Agate Bead Dimensions: 9*13mm
  • Flat Black Sandalwood Bead Dimensions: 1.5*5mm
  • Small Dzi Bead Diameter: 8mm
  • Large Dzi Bead Diameter: 11.5mm
  • Bracelet Circumference: 31-32cm, 33-34cm, 35-36cm, 37cm

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