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Compassion Mantra Gau Box

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Compassion Mantra Gau Box -

A medallion-shaped gao box engraved with the Om Mani Padme Hum mantra in the Siddham script. This Compassion Mantra Gau Box was designed to house and protect something small and valuable to you. Such as a small item of significant sentimental value or a scroll with a mantra or important text written on it.

This Compassion Mantra Gau Box features a lotus flower engraving on the backside and a twist-off vajra head, which when twisted, gives access to the internal compartment.

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  • Material: 925 Sterling silver
  • Colors: Silvers
  • Process: Handcrafted
  • Jewelry Type: Gau box
  • Height: 60mm
  • Length: 29mm
  • Width: 16mm
  • Weight: 23g