Carnelian Amber Old Bodhi Seed Tibetan Prayer Beads

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Carnelian Amber Old Bodhi Tibetan Prayer Beads | MANTRAPIECE

Made in Tibet, by Tibetan hands. These rare Tibetan prayer beads are made with red agate, Baltic amber and hand selected old bodhi seeds. A Tibetan mala bracelet that's suitable for both men and women, and absolutely perfect for just about every occasion. If there was ever a time in your life that you truly wanted to express your passion and dedication to spirituality, Buddhism and life, this mala would be the one to assist you in doing it.

Bodhi Seeds | Mantrapiece

These Tibetan prayer beads are made with bodhi seeds. Bodhi seeds hold a special spiritual significance to all seekers of divine wisdom. As it was under the bodhi tree in which Buddha achieved spiritual enlightenment. In Sanskrit the word bodhi means "enlightened". Therefore the bodhi seed means "enlightened seed". The word bodhi is also a term widely used in Buddhism, which reflects a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things. Each bodhi seed of this Tibetan mala will bring you a sense of peace and wisdom on your journey to enlightenment. And it will assist you in better understanding the true nature of things.

Tibetan Beeswax | MANTRAPIECE

These Tibetan prayer beads are made with Tibetan beeswax from the Baltic Sea region. The Baltic Sea region is home to some of the most authentic amber in the world. And some of the most sacred Tibetan malas are made of this Baltic amber. Tibetan beeswax is known as one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. And since time memorial, the various esoteric sects of Buddhism, have used Tibetan beeswax to worship the Buddha, to show unity and to consecrate holy relics. In Tibet, beeswax is a symbol of unity and plays a pivotal role in Tibetan life. If not only seen as an aesthetic necessity and the wealth of secular life, but more importantly Tibetan beeswax embodies the uninhibited cultural spirit and religious beliefs of Tibetan people.


These Tibetan prayer beads are made with red agate. In Tibetan, agate of all types are known as all-round healing gemstones. They are believed to heal the wearers mind, body, spirit, and their surrounding environments. Possess protective, enhancing, curative and healing powers. Bring good fortune, prosperity, wealth and good health. Produces strength, power, courage, and encourage  truthfulness and bring forth understanding.

  • Origin: Tibet
  • Material: Bodhi seed, red agate, Baltic amber
  • Colors: Blacks, Browns, yellows, reds
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Mala bracelet
  • Baltic Amber Bead Diameter: 13*18mm
  • Red Agate Bead Dimensions: 10*15mm
  • Bodhi Seed Diameter: 16mm

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