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Buddha Meditating Dhyana Mudra Pose Antique Brass Statue

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Buddha Meditating Dhyana Mudra Pose Statue -

In this Buddha statue, Buddha sits in meditation, with both hands positioned in the Dhyana Mudra pose, resting on his lap. The Mudra pose symbolizes great wisdom. It is a sacred hand gesture, used for thousands of years, in the practice of meditation and yoga, as a means of channeling the flow of vital life force energy known as prana. It is also said, that the Buddha was sitting in this exact gesture during his final meditation under the Bodhi tree, when he first attained spiritual enlightenment.

Using this Antique Buddha Statue, in one's meditation practices, can act as guide for which one may attain wisdom, higher depths of understanding the true nature of things. Or perhaps even spiritual enlightenment.

This Antique Buddha Statue is made of brass. It can also be placed on an office desk, a ritual table or shelf. And is the perfect decoration for any Buddhism inspired atmospheres.

  • Material: Antique brass
  • Colors: Antique yellow
  • Silvers Process: Handmade
  • Statue Type: Buddha statue, ritual statue, meditation statue, yoga statue
  • Height: 140mm
  • Width: 80mm