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Blood-Filled Camel Bone Wrist Mala 18 Beads

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Blood-Filled Camal Bone Rainbow Tassel Mala Bracelet |

In today's day and age, the majority of humans inhabiting the planet, live a life folly. They forsake the term of their lives, and live as if they'll live forever. They simply do this by rejecting the impermanent nature of their lives. They reject death, as though death is an abomination set against them. And so live a life of folly, which is sadly governed by fear, anger and destruction.

Impermanence wrist malas such as this blood-filled Camel Bone Wrist Mala, may serve a purpose in the lives of those who wish to live fearlessly in truth. This Camel Bone Wrist Mala is a sheer representation of the philosophical concept of impermanence. It aims to express that all things, including our lives as human beings will one day come to pass. This is a sacred truth, that doesn't take away from life, but adds to it by granting us the strength to live each moment to the fullest. And when worn day in and day out, may protect you, ground you and shelter you from those beliefs that may otherwise prevent you from knowing this primordial truth of your existence.

This blood-filled Camel Bone Wrist Mala is strung on durable string with a guru bead and tassel. It has exactly 18 beads which is a factor of 108, and can be used in your yoga and meditation practices for reciting mantras.

  • Material: Camel bone
  • Colors: Browns, reds, whites, blacks.
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Wrist mala
  • Bead Count: 18 Beads (18 is a factor of 108)
  • Round Camel Bone Bead Diameter: 14mm
  • Square Camel Bone Bead Dimensions: 13.5*11.5mm

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