Old Tibetan Yak Bone Skull Head Mala Necklace

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Old Tibetan Yak Bone Skull Head Bodhi Mala Necklace | Mantrapiece.com

Old Tibetan yak bone, that's been hand-carved into skull head beads and then strung on durable rainbow rope to make these stunning mala necklaces. These old Tibetan yak bone skull head mala bracelets represent the nature of impermanence. Impermanence aims to express that all things, including our lives as human beings will one day come to pass. And anyone wearing this blood-filled camel bone mala bracelet may just find themselves living in harmony with this sacred and liberating truth.

These old Tibetan yak bone skull head mala bracelets may act as kind of anchor in the world of desire, and constantly remind the wearer of the impermeant nature of all things. Aiding them in remembering not to become too attached to any things. And allowing them to find abundance in this short-lived manifestation of life and live each day to its absolute fullest.

However, such an old Tibetan yak bone skull head mala bracelet can be exciting for those that haven't yet grasped the gravity of what impermanence implies. Or it can be devastating for those that are greatly attached to worldly things. And yet therein, it can be enlightening to those who have had enough of themselves and are in search of the truth.

  • Material: Old Tibetan yak bone (skull beads), old Tibetan yak horn (black beads and arrowhead), rosewood, seeds, polyester tassel.
  • Color: Yellows, blacks, browns, whites
  • Process: Handmade
  • Jewelry Type: Mala necklace
  • Skull Head Bead Dimensions: 9mm
  • Bead Count: 54

Bodhi Seeds | Mantrapiece

The Phoenix Eye Bodhi hold a special spiritual significance to all seekers of divine wisdom. As it was under the bodhi tree in which Buddha achieved enlightenment. In Sanskrit the word bodhi means "enlightened". Therefore the bodhi seed means "enlightened seed". The word bodhi is also a term widely used in Buddhism, which reflects a Buddha’s understanding of the true nature of things. Each bodhi seed of this Tibetan mala will bring you a sense of peace and wisdom on your journey to enlightenment. And it will assist you in better understanding the true nature of things.

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