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Dzi Beads

For the Practitioners of the Dharma

Mantrapiece carries authentic Tibetan Dzi Beads sourced directly from Tibet. Our collection of Tibetan Dzi Beads ranges from tiger teeth dzi beads, nectar vessel dzi beads and many more.

To think that some dzi beads are more than 2000 years old, is an understatement. Some are as old as 3000 years old. Excavated from Tibetan tombs, found on Tibetan road sides, mountains and hillsides, or passed down within families generation after generation. Some Dzi Beads that are still around today, have been pre-owned by great monks and spiritual leaders who lived more than a thousand years ago. Some are said to have been worn by monks who walked with the Buddha. Most of which, have been lost to time and only recently unearthed. They have an untold story that can only be understood through the shapes and patterns left in their natural mineral architecture. And to this day, their origin are shrouded in mystery.

The Tibetans believe that Dzi Beads are gifts from the heavens. Imbued with magical powers that can directly affect the prosperity, safety, financial status and romance of their owner's lives.

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