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No Problem!

by Noah Nichols July 26, 2020 3 min read

No Problem! - Mantrapiece

Life seems to be littered with problems. That's how most of us (if not all of us) look at life when things aren't going the way we want them to. And even when things are working out just swell, we still have this negative outlook on life. As if someone premeditated the whole thing. And we can find a great many problems in just about everything. Especially, when we are engaged in wanting. Many of us, unknowingly thrive on problems to the point that our minds can not function healthily without them. Even when we take a vacation holiday from work and society, and head to a beautiful resort on a remote island with a captivating beach and sunset. We still manage to spend every day thinking about our problems and searching for a resolve.

But let us be a little honest here. What would we be without our problems? Is it so that our problems are the one things that make up our entire identities? If you can, try to imagine for a brief moment, life without any problems. Imagine everything about your life was as perfect as it could be. How long do you think it would be before you got used to a perfect life without any problems? And better yet, how does your mind even define a perfect life without any problems? When left to the mind and bidding, a perfect life without any problems would be strictly all about getting what you want.

The thing about getting what we want, is that we hadn't always wanted it. Which is to say. If we hadn't always wanted it, then eventually there will come a time when we don't want it anymore, again. We will want something else. And life will no longer be perfect. No matter how perfect we try to construct our lives to be, it will never be "our" version of perfect. Because each person's version of perfect is just a fleeting illusion, soon to be replaced by another. A never ending cycle of never being fully satisfied. You'll only ever experience a brief feeling of inauthentic fulfillment, before your mind drags you off on another wild pursuit after another fleeting illusion. There will be problems again and again and again. Rather subtly thinking it or consistently complaining about it to others. The result of this feeling of incompleteness will always sound like this, "I'm not happy with what I have or how my life is turning out".

But, are there really problems in our everyday lives? And furthermore, could there actually be problems within reality? Or are problems just a result of desiring for what is not right now, and not accepting what is right now? The fact of the matter is that, in no way whatsoever, can we just get up and exit reality. Regardless of what problems we have or are experiencing. Just take a moment to look around. We are absolutely contained within the shell, the sphere, the containment field of life, reality, the universe. And we are not exempt or separate from it any ways. All of our thoughts, experiences, emotions and actions, are all an inseparable accept of this one totality. What this means is that, nothing we could ever think, feel or do, could ever be separate from, beyond or outside of reality. So, how could the very fabric of reality, which includes everything without exception, including you, be considered to have a problem by anyone, including you, and that idea be true?

That's the question to entertain right there. Are there really any problems within life? Or is there just life, unfolding in the only way that it can? Whatever seems to be a problem, not right, shouldn't be there, shouldn't be happening, is evidently an aspect of reality, which is manifesting right now. And it couldn't be otherwise. If this is the case (which it is), then there couldn't actually be anything such as a problem. There could only ever be an idea that says there is a problem, and nothing more.

If at all possible, and whenever you can, try to take a brief moment to look around at the totality in which you are very much a part of. Try to see the magnitude of it, and how incomprehensible it all is. And just be there, being it. When we actually give open attention and analyze life as it is from this perspective, we may come to realize that right now could truly only ever be as perfect as reality has constructed it to be. Regardless of what thought says is amiss. There are no problems.

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