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Humans are Incomparable to Fish

Today, as I was passing through a large crowd of people, I must have abruptly bumped into about twenty of them. And as usual, there wasn't any sort of desperate look on their faces expecting me to give an apology either. They didn't even notice me. It was as if, to them, the crowd they were walking in was nothing more than a school of fish. I never actually pondered, why in China, when bumping into someone, it is not required to say or notion to them with your body ''excuse me'' or ''sorry''. But back home in America, when accidentally bumping into someone, while walking in or out of a crowd, you are most certainly required to say or notion to them with your body ''excuse me'' or ''sorry''. And if you don't, then you would immediately be considered as rude or impolite. And if you're lucky, you might even get insulted. So, I pondered this question for sometime, and eventually it became quite clear to me.

Where I come from, people have a very high level of identification with being an individual (an entity which is separate from the world around it). This identification is so deeply ingrained in their minds, that such a completely natural occurrence (two human beings bumping into each other), immediately threatens their identification with being an individual. And it leaves them feeling an intense amount of emotions such as anger. And sometimes it even leaves them feeling physically threatened.

If there is anything that super-opposes the feeling of being an individual entity who is separate from everything else, it is the feeling of oneness. Those people that feel they are individual entities are absolutely terrified of that feeling of being consumed by the feeling of oneness. It means the destruction of the one false identity that defines their entire existence. And the resulting feeling, is the fear of nonexistence.

In all actuality, there are just bodies touching and bumping into each other. And this can be seen in any ecosystem in the world. Just as fish swim in schools, they too bump into each other, and at an alarming rate. However, fish certainly don't feel they are individual entities who are separate from everything else. And fish most certainly do not suffer from the fear of becoming nonexistent. Only a human suffers from such an illusory death.

If there was any message that I could use to end this blog post, it would be that humans are incomparable to fish.

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