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**One Year Returns on all Purchases**
A Heart of Darkness - Mantrapiece

A Heart of Darkness

It is said that evil has a name. That some people are truly evil. But it is also said that it takes evil to know evil. It seems as though there is a lot of confusion about what constitutes as being evil, and if there is even such a thing as evil.

It would appear that there are people out there who truly have a heart of darkness, and are evil beyond our wildest nightmares. We see news stories about people doing horrific things to other people. Horror movies about killing. Historical documentaries about the atrocities of war, such as mass genocide and so on. But the question to be asked is this. Is the human species consumed with evil or is the human species consumed with the idea of evil?

Evil can't be an attributable quality to a human being. It's just not possible. If it were the case, then we'd be able too see it growing like branches that grow on tree. But it's just not the case. We can't see evil. We can't smell it. We can't taste it. We can't touch it. And we can't hear it. We can only ever have an idea about someone being evil, when we don't fully understand what is happening.

When you hear a news story about a man who had killed many people and then takes his own life, do you believe him to be evil? Or do you believe he was greatly troubled by his own thoughts, which caused him to behave in violent and harmful ways? Various spiritual leaders from history, left behind great teachings of this very truth, such as Jesus Christ. He had also realized what I am talking about. As Jesus was pinned to the cross, and beaten and tortured to near death, this prevailing realization didn't fail him. He said, "father forgive them, for they know not what they do". And even through this painful experience, Jesus never once succumbed to such ideas, and claimed those who were hurting him to be evil. It was clear to Jesus that they were simply consumed by there own delusions, and nothing more.

And so evil isn't what someone is, a description of someone's actions or a state of the mind. Evil simply doesn't exist. And to the contrary, if it does somehow exist for you, then it just means that, at present, you are incapable of understanding that people can be greatly confused about life.

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