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What are Dzi Beads?

by Noah Nichols July 21, 2020 11 min read

What are Dzi Beads - Mantrapiece.com

Where do Dzi Beads Come From?

Dzi beads are rare agate stone beads that are primarily found in the Himalayan mountainous regions of Tibet, eastern Tibet, Bhutan, Sikkim, Ladakh and other places. These beads have been passed down from generation to generation among and within ethnic Tibetan and Nepalese families for about 2500 years.

To this day, the profound creation of dzi beads remains shrouded in mystery. Despite the countless stories of Tibetan lore that talk about the divine, magical or mystical origin of them, there are still no official historical documentations of any kind. It's almost as if, one of these dzi bead legends is perhaps true; these beads just may be of divine origin.


What do Dzi Beads Mean?

According to legends, dzi beads were originally considered to be "god's treasures" which made their way down to earth, and were later discovered by the Tibetan people. To this day, Tibetan people still believe dzi beads to be sacred stones that descended from heaven. The Tibetans have theorized that divine origin rendered dzi beads to be precious and powerful talismans that promote prosperity, luck, wealth, success and protection, by enhancing their owners abilities. Thus, bringing forth their attention and dedication to the present moment.


What do Dzi Beads Look Like?

Dzi beads come in many different types of patterns and designs, which in Buddhism, symbolize a wide variety of different things about life and the universe. The most common and widely worn Dzi beads are the ones that resemble eyes. There are the one eye, the two eyes, the three eyes and going up to the nine eyes, and twelve eyes, seventeen eyes and even one hundred eyes. And naturally, the more eyes on a dzi bead, means the higher the price.

Below we listed al the fascinating properties, powers and meanings of dzi beads. To see our collection of dzi beads click here.


Two Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Two Eyes Dzi Bead

Ultimately, the two eyes dzi bead represents what we all strive and hope for in this lifetime - true love and a happy marriage. It strengthens your marriage, by increasing the amount of energy which flows between you and your partner during sex. This energy in turn creates a feeling within the both of you, that you are in harmony together as and inseparable as one.

In Buddhism, the two-eyes dzi bead is seen as the symbol which unblocks the path to enlightenment. Through this bead, enlightenment can be achieved as it greatly enhances the strength of your relationship with your soulmate, allowing the both of you to feel complete, just as you are. It is this feeling of completeness and not needing anything, which is what enlightenment is. The feeling of wholeness. 

For those who are single individuals, the two-eyes dzi bead will unite them with their long awaited soulmates. Sometimes, these two-eyes dzi beads have small marks on the sides. These marks symbolize "bats". And anyone that has a dzi bead with symbols of bats on it, is sure to accumulate vast amounts of happiness.


Three Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Three Eyes Dzi Bead

The three eyes dzi bead represents the three stars of luck, happiness, honor, and longevity. The three eyes dzi bead is known as the bead of wealth and health which brings continuous fortune to its owner. In Buddhism the three eyes dzi bead symbolizes Kubera, the god of wealth, who is the symbol of all the types of prosperity in all worlds. This is one of the most powerful beads for attracting financial wealth to its owner. This bead often goes together with the Padmasambhava Hat dzi bead and Buddha’s heart dzi bead. This bead will is also harmonize its owner's body, mind and heart.


Four Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Four Eyes Dzi Bead

The four eyes dzi bead is known and believed to be the "Artifact of Long Life''. It is said that this bead grants its owner the protection of the four poles of the world, which eliminate the obstacles, protect from gossip and slander, helps to promote the career, get knowledge, and magnify wisdom. The four-eyes dzi bead represents the four major gods of Buddhism - Avalokitesvara, Manjusry, Ksitigarbhi and Mahasthamaprapta, and helps you to retain their assistance. It wades off evil spirits and ultimately eliminates suffering.


Five Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Five Eyes Dzi Bead

The five eyes dzi bead is a highly sought after magical money attracting dzi bead. The five eyes dzi bead is believed to be like that of a magnet that attracting money and enhances the owners career. It also symbolizes these five elements of life: earth, air, fire, wind and emptiness. Granting the owner the power and assistance of The Five Dhyani-Buddhas of the south, the north, the east, the west and the middle ground – Vairochana, Vajrasattva, Amitabhi and Ratnasambhava. If you have this bead you will never be left high and dry – you will always be blessed with prosperity and wealth.


Six Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Six Eyes Dzi Bead

The six eyes dzi bead represents luck, control, health and a long life, and is known throughout Buddhism as the ''Talisman of Luck''. The six-eyes dzi bead restores your emotional strength, helping you to gain more control over these six emotions - anger, dismay, mindlessness, aggression, ignorance and sadness. Which in turn radically increases your mental fortitude and physical strength. This dzi bead will also present the opportunity for you to witness and realize destiny. And as destiny manifests before you, renewed positive energy will flow throughout your body and mind.

The six-eyes dzi bead is also connected to one of the major Tibetan mantras - "Om Mani Padme Hum". And when wearing this amulet while chanting this mantra, it will greatly magnify your luck and mystically cleanses your karma.

Buddhists believe that this dzi bead can help you to achieve these six good deeds - mercy, discipline, calmness, zeal, meditation, wisdom and cross the ocean of sufferings to reside in the pure lands paradise. This bead may also appear in the pattern of dragon eyes or a Vajra, which will strengthen your protection, inner power, and help you to overcome difficult obstacles.


Seven Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Seven Eyes Dzi Bead

The seven eyes dzi bead is a very special amulet for those who are involved in the performing arts and entertainment of any sorts. Rather you're a musician, an actor or actress, writer or artist, it directly influences your level of popularity and fame within and outside of your fanbase. Through this unique enhancement which builds your reputation over time, it will ultimately create high success in your career and creativity in your field of arts or entertainment.

The seven-eyes dzi bead symbolizes the seven stars which formulate the constellation known as The Big Dipper. In Buddhism, this constellation is considered to be the abode of the seven Buddhas of medicine, which will help you to develop your physical health. It will also grant you with great wisdom and emotional balance, assuring you of a long and happy life.


Eight Eyes Dzi Bead

The eight eyes dzi bead is believed to be a magic dzi bead which brings harmony and peace to its owner’s life. It gives its owner protection from disasters, accidents, calamities and catastrophes. Symbolizes abundance in all the spheres of life. Attracts material and spiritual wealth. Buddhists believe that it symbolizes the gifts which the inhabitants of heaven brought to Gautama Buddha after he achieved spiritual enlightenment. They also believe that this bead absorbed the power of eight great bodhisattvas, the guardians of eight cardinal directions. And represents the Eight Auspicious Symbols of Buddhism which is said to greatly protect the owner.


Nine Eyes Dzi Bead - Mantrapiee.com

Nine Eyes Dzi Bead

The nine eyes dzi bead is revered and sought after throughout all of Asia. It is called “The Star of Prosperity and Heaven Protection”. Which means that wearing this amulet, you will soon to have luck, deep wisdom and great success in all efforts and areas of life. The nine eyes dzi bead symbolizes the nine planets of the solar system, which is believed to help the owner to obtain these nine welfares of living: Sympathy, acknowledgement, intelligence, popularity, dignity, power, capability, reputation and the elimination of any difficult obstacles along your life's journey. It is said to grant the owner the protection and patronage of Heaven, victory over their enemies, luck and a long prosperous life.


Nectar Vessel Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Nectar Vessel Dzi Bead

The nectar vessel dzi bead bares the shape of a heart with a cross coming out of the top. This bead is known throughout all of East Asia as the Nectar Vessel Dzi Bead of Amrita (immortality). It represents the food for the gods. Which is said to be their milk and honey, which flows like water in pure lands. And so it assists in bringing its owner in obtaining all the good things that life has to offer (milk and honey). It is believed to prevent its owner from death due to back luck. Helps them to align and establish good virtues. Helps them to gain wealth, prosperity and longevity of life. Grants its owner with whatever they desire. Enchants the owner with the greatest of luck. It grants prosperity to businessmen, wisdom to those who are anxious for knowledge, and enlightenment to those who are seeking it. Assists in opening doors, and making the path much easier. Assist the owner in gaining charisma and presence with others. And ultimately assists the owner in making life better than they could have ever imagined.


Lotus Flower Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Lotus Flower Dzi Bead

The lotus flower dzi bead represents overcoming the worst difficulties or challenges in life. The lotus flower thrives and grows in some of the filthiest conditions. Conditions that would otherwise kill other lilies and flowers. The lotus flower reminds us that life can thrive and prosper under any circumstances. The lotus flower dzi bead is believed to help is owner bring about peaceful being in their life. It will also protect its owner from all kinds of negativity and evil spirits. Keeping them at peace at all times. It purifies its owner's mental state of being, and enlightens their understanding of Buddhism.


Bodhi Tree Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Bodhi Tree Dzi Bead

Bodhi is the name of the tree, under which Siddhartha Gautama is said to have attained enlightenment. The Bodhi dzi bead embodies the generosity, gentleness, warmth, mercy, and love of the Buddha. Which manifests within you a great for your neighbors and for yourself. And, as you may know, it is this love which helps us to achieve the unachievable.

Th Bodhi dzi bead will protect you from disasters and misfortunes of all kinds, and to highest extent. It will also eliminate the doubts that plague your mind and the obstacles that you would otherwise be faced with throughout the course of your life, leading you towards safety. The Bodhi dzi bead is said to be most affective when used by students as well as those who plan to present a project to the leader of an organization or an investor. It is also considered that this bead will give great confidence to its owner and enhance their internal powers, making highly provident in whatever matters they are attending to or endeavors they are undertaking.


Ruyi Dxzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Ruyi Dzi Bead

The ruyi dzi bead is the second most famous Dzi Bead in all of Asia. As it directly effects the prosperity of the its owner's life, by granting them with whatever they desire. The Ruyi Dzi Bead embodies the energy of power, authority, career, sexual health, prosperity, wealth and spiritual perfection. Just about everything you could ever wish for in this lifetime, it has to offer.

In ancient Chinese Lore, there was a myth about a mystical wand of magnificent power and unimaginable power, called the Ruyi Rod. It was said to be an ancient Taoist magical artifact, that would make its owners greatest desires come true. A symbol of spiritual perfection and power. The Ruyi Rod was described to be like that of a magic wand in fairy tales. Which can shape the world as its owner sees fit. As Chinese lore has it, Taoist masters searched endlessly for this Ruyi Rod. They searched throughout mountains, forests and deserts. But never found it. As time went on, the Ruyi Rod was said to have fused with a Dzi Beads. The powers of the Ruyi Rod's wish fulfillment combined with the mysterious heavenly energy of this Dzi Bead. Leaving this Dzi Bead marked with a white silhouette of the Ruyi Rod. This rendered the Ruyi Dzi Bead the most powerful Dzi Bead in all of existence.


Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead

The tiger teeth dzi bead contains powerful energy. In fact, it is one of the only dzi beads that has the power to destroy your fears. Allowing you a peace of mind, and a heightened level of focus that is absolutely unhindered by your fear. And as a result of this fear-destroying attribute, it greatly amplifies your self-confidence, and develops your courage and internal fortitude, for the task at hand and ahead.

The tiger teeth dzi bead also helps you to eliminate each of the difficult obstacles that you face in daily life, by blessing you with luck and success. Another one of its valuable attributes, is that it helps businessmen to triumph over their competitors, opening up new opportunities for success, and at the same time eliminating any and all obstacles that block their path to success. And last but not least, if you bestow this bead to a child, it will protect them when you can not.


Tortoise Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Tortoise Dzi Bead

The tortoise is a long-liver among animals. In fact, this is what we all wish for - that we can live a long and prosperous life. This is exactly what the tortoise dzi bead is said to grant its owner. It promotes longevity, good health, and will. This strengthen its owners determination, helping them to accomplishment more. It will also render protection from sickness caused by evil spirits and promote a speedy recovery in case you were to fall ill. The tortoise is also a wise creature, and as such, the tortoise dzi bead also grants this attribute to its owner.


Guanyin Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Guanyin Dzi Bead

The Guanyin dzi bead is honored throughout all of East Asia. This dzi bead is associated with bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. The Guanyin dzi bead is believed to help to bring peace and reconciliation to its owners life, and grants them with protection and prosperity. It will also bring love into their lives and eliminate obstacles. This bead is referred to a as “a vessel of long life” for its capability to prolong its owners life and enhance their wealth.


Chong Dzi Bead -  Mantrapiece.com

Chong Dzi Bead

The chong dzi bead is famed for its ability to help people turn unfavorable situations into favorable ones. If you listen to it, it will prompt you on how to get what you want (provided that no one will get hurt). This bead promises a harmonic life and prosperity to its owner. All you need to do is tune it with it, by trying to feel and distinguish the signs that it's trying to give you.

Five Bats Dzi Bead - Mantrapiece.com

Five Bats Dzi Bead

The five bats dzi bead grants its owner with incredible luck and a life full of magical events and opportunities. Furthermore, the bat is a symbol of wealth, which can also be used to acquire wealth and prosperity. It is also worth mentioning that in Chinese the five bats dzi bead is called “u fu” - which means "quinary happiness" or happiness in its entirety.


Kubera Dzi Bead

The Kubera dzi bead is believed to bestow great amounts of wealth to its owner. It symbolizes protection, career, career stability and career promotion. It also helps its owner not to waste money, but to save it within a short period of time. It attracts financial opportunities and those who will share with you financial advice on how to become more successful. And special patronage is extended to businessmen.


Prayer Wheel Dzi Bead

The prayer wheel dzi bead functions the same as if turning a prayer wheel. In Tibet, it is believed that turning a prayer wheels is the same as chanting a sutra, which is the best way to repent past regrets, remove all ill fortune, and accumulate merits and virtues. The prayer wheel dzi bead is believed to function in the same way that a prayer wheel does, granting its owner with merits and virtues.

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