The Nepali Hands Collection

The Nepali hands collection consists solely of the spiritual artisan handcrafted jewelry of Nepal. Nepal is well known for its ancient artistic excellence. Be its architecture, craft work, metal work or jewelry, Nepal's reputation in this field super exceeds all others.

Nepali silver jewelry is one of the best known examples of these artistic skills of the Nepali people. Nepali silver jewelry is true 925 sterling silver (92.5% pure silver) made jewelry. And is considered to be the purest 925 sterling silver in the world, with a luster and beauty that doesn’t fade away for a long period of time. This silver is usually incorporated with turquoise, quartz, lapis and many other gemstones, to give an appealing look and aesthetic value. The 925 sterling silver of Nepal is also not just known for its chemical purity, but also for the spiritual connection the Nepali people have to their heritage and religious beliefs. The silver ornaments are usually enchanted with spiritual beliefs, which functions as a spiritual essence that binds each positive thought together when worn.

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