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Tibetan Red Coral - Mantrapiece

The Energy of Life Force

The life-like bright red color of Tibetan coral jewelry never ceases to amaze Tibet people. On the vast Tibetan plateau, Tibetan people love to wear their coral decorations. These decorations range from anything such as necklaces, head wear, earrings, rings, and bracelets. And they come in a wide variety of different shapes and shades as well. Coral plays a pivotal role in Tibetan life. And it is not only seen as an aesthetic necessity and the wealth of secular life, but more importantly, it embodies and reflects the uninhibited cultural spirit and religious beliefs of Tibetan people.

Tibetan people regard this semi-precious organic gemstone as a symbol of "the energy of life force". The hardened, skeleton-shaped result of secretions continuously deposited by marine polyps, looks to be a colorful underwater plant, but is actually a priceless gift from the sea. It teaches us form, flow and the flexibility within form. And is one of the five sacred stones of Tibetan Buddhists.

In Buddhism coral is believed to be generally good, and the Tibetans and Tibeto-Nepalese think of it as a good investment, and believe that the person who wears coral will have success in life.

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