Ruya Rod Dzi Bead

This is the second most famous dzi bead in Asia, as it directly effects the prosperity of your life, by granting you with whatever wish you desire. If it is power, acknowledgement and authority that you are after, and you wish to overcome any obstacle with maximum advantage, then this bead is for you. In ancient China, the ruya rod is said to be an ancient Taoist magical artifact, making your greatest desires come true. A symbol of spiritual perfection and power. It is described, to be like that of a magic wand in fairy tales, shaping the world around you to your taste. It's shape, is the shape of “Lingzhi”, a mushroom of immortality, which the Taoist masters endlessly searched for in mountains as ancient Chinese folklore has it. And as time went on, the rod was said to have fused with dzi beads, in order to combine the power of wish fulfillment and the mysterious dzi bead's heavenly energy, making it one of the most powerful dzi beads in existence. The ruya rod dzi bead embodies the energy of power, authority and career, sexual health and prosperity, wealth and spiritual perfection. Everything you could ever wish for, it has to offer you.

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