Our Most Popular Buddhist Rings

It may come without surprise, that only one percent world's population, are Buddhists. But, that hasn't stopped the collective passion for the Buddha lifestyle. Yoga, meditation, the practice of spirituality and even wearing Buddha jewelry has become a large part of the daily lives of many. To say the least, wearing Buddha jewelry doesn't mean you're a Buddhist. It only means you admire your spiritual side and appreciate good quality jewelry with a profound spiritual meaning. Drum roll! Here is a list of our most popular Buddha rings.


Namaste Om Ring -


The Om Namaste Ring

At the top of this list, is our 999 silver and brass Om Namaste Ring. This ring seems to resonate the most with our customers. Possibly because of it's multiple design aesthetics and powerful religious or spiritual characteristics. On one side there is an extruding small brass stud engraved with the Sanskrit Om mantra. And on the other side, the word Namaste is engraved along the band of the ring in a legible standard font. This ring is also adjustable, which means it can fit a wide range of finger sizes.

This ring is particularly prized by those who enjoy doing yoga. As it bares the mark of the divine greetings - Namaste.


Ganesha Ring -


The Ganesha Ring

Next up on our list of popular Buddha rings is the 999 silver Ganesha Ring. It is a large and highly detailed ring depicting the elephant headed Hindu god of new beginnings - Ganesha. This ring is a popular ring for men who work in the creative arts, business men and scholars.


Buddha Demon Ring -


The Buddha Demon Ring

The third ring on our list is the 999 silver Buddha Demon ring. This is also a large ring for men. On one side of this ring depicts the face of Siddhartha, as he sits in deep meditation with his eyes closed. While the other side, shows the face of a demon who's often spoken about in Buddhist cosmography. This demon goes by the name of Mara.

This iconic ring tells the story of Siddhartha's final moments before attaining enlightenment. During those moments, Siddhartha was tempted by Mara. As the story goes, Mara got right in Siddhartha's face and tried to sway him with feelings of fear and just by bring an army of demons and his most beautiful and seductive maidens. But nothing Mara did could break Siddhartha's concentration.

This ring is symbolic of the temptations that we all face each day. And the strength we all possess to overcome these temptations.