Buddha Jewelry - Symbols of Our Spiritual Goals and Accomplishments

Whenever you see someone wearing Buddhist Jewelry, such as a silver chain with a pendant depicting the Buddha, or a silver bracelet engraved with a mantra in a foreign language, or a silver ring displaying a prominent symbol, what do you think it means to them? Some of us, wear Buddha Jewelry because we think it makes us look cool. And some of us wear these meaningful jewelry pieces because it makes us feel good. And then there are those of us who have taken up the spiritual journey. And as a result, we wear these jewelry pieces as a way to be reminded of our hearts greatest pursuits in life. We are passionate about one thing and only one thing - we want to know who or what they truly are.

Buddhist Jewelry for the Common Folk

It may come with a surprise that logically you can't be what you think you are. And that's because you were already made to be something long before you ever started thinking you were this or that. This is the wisdom which ignites one's curiosity to know what life is all about and what they truly are. And it can be said, that even though someone wears Buddha Jewelry to look cool or to feel good, deep down they too have already began their spiritual journey, they just haven't realized it yet. And the Buddha Jewelry they wear is but subliminal inspiration or encouragement for the inevitable journey ahead.

Buddhist Jewelry for the Seeker of Divine Wisdom

Yoga and meditation has take up new heights within the spiritual collective. Mala necklaces, mala bracelets and Buddha jewelry are worn to aid these spiritual seekers in achieving their spiritual aspirations. They know where they are headed and they are overly enthusiastic about what is to come. They practice on a daily basis, how to be the watcher or awareness of thoughts in their own minds. They are fighting the good fight, and little by little, they reducing the amount of inner suffering, bringing peace to themselves and those around them. And their Buddha Jewelry, is but a reminder of where they are going and who they know themselves to be.

Buddhist Jewelry for the Enlightened

But not all who wear Buddha jewelry, are on a spiritual journey. Though very rare, there are those of us who have already reached the pinnacle or the end of the spiritual journey. They are more often than not, referred to as being "enlightened" or "awakened". These rare individuals have reached a milestone within their minds, where there are no thoughts more profound than they themselves who are aware of these thoughts. They have relinquished all attachment to the cunning and illusive nature of their thoughts and abide as the awareness of their own thoughts. The Buddha Jewelry they wear is but a sheer representation and reminder of this triumphant spiritual accomplishment they've achieved. 


All-in-all, it doesn't matter why we wear Buddha Jewelry. Because for each of us, regardless of our intentions, are all seeking divine wisdom, rather we know it or not. Wearing Buddha Jewelry is but a profound way to garner or foster your spiritual interests and goals, or maintain the spiritual realizations and revelations that we've discovered in our lives.