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Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead -

Tiger Teeth Dzi Bead Properties, Symbolism and Powers

The tiger teeth dzi bead contains powerful energy. In fact, it is one of the only dzi beads that has the power to destroy your fears. Allowing you a peace of mind, and a heightened level of focus that is absolutely unhindered by your fear. And as a result of this fear-destroying attribute, it greatly amplifies your self-confidence, and develops your courage and internal fortitude, for the task at hand and ahead.

The tiger teeth dzi bead also helps you to eliminate each of the difficult obstacles that you face in daily life, by blessing you with luck and success. Another one of its valuable attributes, is that it helps businessmen to triumph over their competitors, opening up new opportunities for success, and at the same time eliminating any and all obstacles that block their path to success. And last but not least, if you bestow this bead to a child, it will protect them when you can not. 

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